Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Babu’s Cloze Test 3

SET - 1 Determination and drive include traits such as initiative, energy, assertiveness, perseverance and sometimes...

Error Finding: Practice Questions 3

Directions: Find out the correct sentence

That’s How We Learn ‘WORDS’

Directions: In the questions given below; two words marked (A) and (B) have been provided...

Thought of The Day!

“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.”
-Henry Ford

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Current Affairs

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 15, 2017

13 year old Mysuru girl performs yoga asana for 15 times in a minute...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 14, 2017

Counterfeit currency detection paces up tremendously in past 8 years By what percent has...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 13, 2017

Website launched by Telangana govt. to regulate cattle sale online Name it (PashuBazar) 2. Mizoram...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 9, 2017

In a first, three Indian male shuttlers make it to the top-15 of the...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 8, 2017

Bopanna wins the French Open mixed doubles finals Name the Canadian partner of Rohan...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 7, 2017

Three gunmen open fire in the Iranian parliament What is Iran’s capital? (Tehran) What...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 6, 2017

Government sets deadline to probe corruption cases on govt. employees What is the deadline?...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 5, 2017

Arunachal Pradesh to offer better ex-gratia to martyrs What is the new amount of...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 4, 2017

31-member squad ready to shine at The World Para Athletics Championship 2017 Where will...

Babu Ka Current A/c – June 3, 2017

UN security Council imposes travel ban and asset freeze on North Korean officials dealing...
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