Once started, there is no looking back
Rakhi Nair, Bank of Baroda PO, Calicut, Kerala

First things first! We all need motivation in our lives 🙂 whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic. Everyone has a fire within. A fire that doesn’t let us give up, a fire that pushes us beyond limits, a fire that helps us realize our passions and fears, a fire that keeps us going through challenges. We all have felt the heat of the Bank Exams and the competition that is always ready to put us down. So, is motivation needed at all?

We all have certain goals to fulfill. Setting goals is easy but achieving those is another story. Fulfillment of goals is driven by motivation and motivation is as necessary for life as is food for the body! Most of us have already set a goal that we want to enter the banking sector which means our self-motivation is already in action. As they say;

“When you’re trying to motivate yourself, appreciate the fact that you’re even thinking about making a change. And as you move forward, allow yourself to be good enough.” – Alice Domar

It’s great to have set a goal and started but many a time we face setbacks, failures even to a level that we wish to rethink the choices that we made. These are situations where external motivation is required. Stories of people who are like us act as a driving force because they help us connect and make us believe that success is possible. We take this chance to introduce you to one such student (a contributor at www.bankwalebabu.com now) who will share her 5 most priced practices that helped her keep up with her goal.

1. Abhyaas (Regular Practice)

Practice has a great significance. With regular practice comes self-control and mastery. Even after we complete our syllabus, regular practice is needed. It prevents over-confidence and helps us remain grounded which in turn is a necessity if one is seeking success. Only with regular practice does one attain discipline and that pulls us towards the attainment of our goals.

She says; “it doesn’t really matter what and from where you are solving, what matters is that your mind is continuously busy with something which keeps it active. Practice whatever you can, wherever you can, for whether it is half an hour or even 5 minutes, should not be wasted.”

Practice helps our body and our mind to perform when it gets an opportunity.

2. Right Choice of Questions

In every exam, if it is important to know the basics it is even more important to know which questions to leave and in how much time. Spending more than the required time trying or even solving a question is not a good idea. But, to understand what questions may be the right choices one has to know his or her strengths and that is possible only when we have practiced a lot of questions in similar situation as exams.

3. Time Management

She believes in being productive, not just busy! Studying is not the only job for most of us as a part of our everyday schedule and many of us just like to use it as an excuse for something that we couldn’t accomplish. We always make time tables but find it difficult to stick to the same. She says, “We must learn to prioritize and then schedule our priorities. Like for example, if I know that I have to study for an extra hour today, that extra hour has to be adjusted with something less important and can wait for the night or the next day early morning. I know for a few days I need to stretch and get up a little earlier than usual or may be sleep a little late. But, not having time to do something extra should never be an excuse as we may never get perfect situations to prepare and work accordingly.”

4. Daily GA Update

General Awareness can be covered in as much time as we try to fit in but, if we want to make it a scoring area only finishing and mugging up pdfs won’t help. “I have always experienced that when I sit in front of the computer on the exam day and a GA question flashes what helps me recall the answer is not that I mugged it up but the whole news I heard on the TV or maybe I read in some newspaper or magazine etc. And that helps me eliminate the options sensibly and get the accurate answers for most of the questions without rattaaa maar. That’s only possible for one who does this everyday religiously.”

5. Reading Magazine Articles

When asked how does it help you? She laughs and says; “I don’t know! I do it because it prevents me from getting bored and also it helps improve my English.” The message is clear here. It is not a cliché to tell anyone who asks you how to improve your English, that there’s no shortcut. Reading and only Reading can help 🙂

So friends, Shoot for the moon, so you will land among the stars!
Good Luck! Happy Studies 🙂

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