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SBI PO 2017

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Welcome to General Awareness for SBI PO Mains 2017

1. Name the Padma Shree awardee who has conquered the world’s highest peak for the 6th time. The mountaineer works as an assistant commandant with the Border Security Force (BSF) in Dehradun. Which state does he/she belong to?
2. Who has been appointed as interim head of Badminton Association of India (BAI) during its executive council meeting in Lucknow?
3. India’s first and longest sea ropeway will connect Mumbai to which of these famous islands?
4. Which country will host One Belt One Road (OBOR) Summit?
5. Who was the author of famous book A Better -India: A Better World?
6. Which Indian Athlete recently qualified for 2017 (August) London World Athletics Championships by beating his own national record with a time of 45.32 seconds in the men’s 400m race at the third leg of the Indian Grand Prix Athletics Meet at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi?
7. Which Tiger Reserve has become India’s first tiger reserve to officially introduce a mascot “Bhoorsingh the Barasingha.” The Barasingha or swamp deer is the state animal of the state.
8. The CSS, The Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana (RVY), a scheme for providing physical aids and assisted-living devices for senior citizens belonging to BPL category, will be launched by the Union Government in which state of India?
9. Truecaller partnered with which bank to launch its new Unified Payments Interface (UPI)-based mobile payment service “Truecaller Pay”?
10. Which of the following has launched a mobile application ‘myLoan’ To Offer Personal Loans upto 13 Lakh, to young and mobile savvy audience? It is like any social networking profile which will make a real-time assessment of borrower’s loan application, using several digital, social and financial data?
11. Which public sector bank inaugurated 40 transformed branches under Project Ananya, a 2 year large-scale transformation project aimed at providing customers with best in class services?
12. Combined Budget of all Northeastern States is collectively around ________ crore in 2017 - 18
13. SBI Cards has launched Unnati Credit Card to spread its Credit card userbase, targeting bank's customers with balance of at least how much balance in their savings accounts?
14. Reserve Bank of India ruled that Non-banking Financial Company (NBFC) cannot lend more than Rs. 25,000 in cash against gold as against earlier Rs. ________? RBI also stated that Bank branches that refuse to exchange soiled notes from people will have to pay penalty of INR 10000
15. RBI proposed to fix upper limit for Pre-paid Payment Instruments (PPIs) at Rs ___________ in view of growing usage of PPIs for a purchase of goods and services?
16. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is famous festival game of which state?
17. The World Hemophilia Day (WHD) is observed every year on April 17 to improve and sustain care for people with inherited bleeding disorders around the world. What was the theme of the day this year?
18. Which Indian wildlife activist won the prestigious 2017 Whitley Award, popularly known as Green Oscars, for his work to protect tiger corridors in Karnataka?
19. Where was Northeast India’s largest IT hub inaugurated?
20. Which city has topped the 2016 Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS) Urban Governance ranking?
21. Which state government has recently gave official language status to endangered tribal Dravidian language “Kurukh”?
22. The Headquarters of United Nations Industrial Development Organization is at?
23. RBS Bank has been headquartered in?
24. Which cricket stadium in Motera has been dismantled to make way for a new stadium with a seating capacity of 110,000 -- bigger than the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Lord's Cricket Ground in England?
25. Who of the following took charge as new deputy Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh?
26. Which cricketer has become the new brand ambassador for the 5th edition of the ODI Blind Cricket World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in January 2018?
27. The first fully India made train “Medha” has flagged off between which of the following stations?
28. The ‘Destination North East-2017’ festival was organised in which of the following cities to showcase the North East as a potential destination for investment?
29. Defence Ministry approved proposals of committee headed by whom to bring reforms in military and improve its financial management?
30. Which High Court ordered complete ban on all mining activities in state for 4 months. High Court also recognized Ganga and Yamuna Rivers as living entities, making it first time ever that any court in India has recognized a non-human as a living entity.
31. Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama inaugurated International Conference on Buddhism in 21st Century at ___________ (Bihar)?
32. 3rd G20 Framework Working Group (FWG) meeting held in ______________ (Uttar Pradesh). While, finance ministers and central bank chiefs from G20 nations met in Germany recently?
33. “Honours yours Trust” is the tagline of which Indian Public Sector Bank ?
34. Which among the following is NOT a pillar of Basel III?
35. Each country in the BRICS development bank has equal equity. What is the amount of this equity?
36. Which among the following is NOT a subsidiary of RBI?
37. What is the currency of Botswana?
38. Tehri Dam Hydro Electric project is the highest Hydal project in India. Its construction started in 1978 with the technical collaboration from the USSR. Where is the dam situated?
39. Which of the following is the capital of Fiji?
40. 23rd Conference of Auditors General of Commonwealth Countries and British Overseas Held in _________?

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