Questions from the Noon Slot held on 06th March (Sunday):

  1. Denmark Currency? (Krone)
  2. Beirut is the Capital of? (Lebanon)
  3. 26th April is observed as which day? (World Intellectual Property Day)
  4. 2 Cities selected for UNESCO creative cities? (Jaipur & Varanasi )
  5. ‘To kill a Mocking Bird’ author who passed away? (Harper Lee)
  6. Angelique Kerber related to which sport? (Tennis)
  7. North-East Vibrant Expo venue? (Guwahati)
  8. NATO & EU signed an agreement for?(Cyber Security)
  9. Christine Lagarde (IMF chief) was the former? (FM of France)
  10. Chettinad fabric is famous fabric of which state?(Tamil Nadu)
  11. Top city among the cleanest cities India? (Mysuru)
  12. World Population to reach 9.6 bn mark by which year?(2050)
  13. Khajuraho Dance festival celebrated in which state?(MP)
  14. Total approximate fund for RURBAN Mission?
  15. Nida fazli who passed away was a famous? (Poet & Lyricist)
  16. USA, Canada & Mexico come together for cooperation in the field of?
  17. Which state was declared as an organic state? (Sikkim)
  18. Woody Island is located in which sea? (South China Sea)
  19. Who headed the committee formed for 7th pay commission (Designation of the head was asked)? ( Retired Judge of the Supreme Court)
  20. Sahyog-Kaijin Military exercise was held at which coast? (Chennai)
  21. Who won the Hockey India League 2016 title? (Punjab Warriors)
  22. Which state was declared by IMAI as the most internet ready state? (Maharashtra)
  23. Government cuts interest rate by 0.25% on post office schemes for? (Kisan Vikas Patra)
  24. Which country emerged as the biggest arms importer? (India)
  25. What is the upper limit of loan for women under Startup Standup scheme? (1 Crore)
  26. Vasudev Atre was awarded Padma Vibhushan, he is a famous? ( Science & Engineering)
  27. National Institute of Organic Farming in which state? (Sikkim)
  28. Which state is also known as The Land of Dawn Mountains? (Arunachal Pradesh)
  29. GST committee head Amit Mitra is the Finance Minister of which state? (West Bengal)
  30. BHEL commissioned 101MW Power Plant in? (Tripura)

Questions from the Morning Slot held on 06th March (Sunday):

  1. How many copies of Sachin Tendulkar’s book sold? (1,50,289 copies)
  2. 36th National Chess Team Championship 2016? (Indian Railways)
  3. Former governor of J&K who was conferred with Padma Vibhushan for?
  4. Christine Lagarde has been named as the MD of? (IMF)
  5. Anup Kumar & Tejasvini associated with which sport? (Kabbadi)
  6. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas launched a pipeline at?
  7. Swachcha Bharat ratings cleanest state capital? (Bengaluru)
  8. SS Tarapore; a noted economist was? (Dpty Governor of the RBI)
  9. Cyclon Winston recently hits (Fiji)
  10. Umberto ECO was from? (Italy)
  11. Name the countries from where their Prime Ministers participated in Make in India week? (Finland and Sweden)
  12. BGR-34 has been launched by? (CSIR)
  13. Focal theme country of the International Kolkata Book fair?
  14. The day which celebrated on April 23?
  15. Sanjay Gandhi National Park situated in? (Mumbai)
  16. Which of the following states is not a part of the seven sisters? (Assam)
  17. 2016 Australian Open winner (women)? (Angelique Kerber)
  18. RURBAN Mission launched in which state? (Chattisgarh)
  19. Dhirubhai Ambani centre for innovation and research in aerospace in? ((Bengaluru)
  20. Brendon Mcullum hits his fastest century against which team? (Australia)
  21. Aviation Park is to be set up in? (Gujarat)
  22. Indian Railway University is proposed to be set up in? (Vodafone)

Questions from the Morning Slot held on 05th March (Saturday):

  1. Mahamaham Mahotsav celebrated in which state of India? (Tamil Nadu)
  2. Currency of Austria (Euro)
  3. UDAY scheme has been launched for which sector? (Power)
  4. Copenhagen is the capital of? (Denmark)
  5. Gorumara National Park located in? (West Bengal)
  6. Women Cricket World Cup 2017? (England)
  7. BCCI Polly Umringer player of the year awarded to? (Virat Kohli)
  8. Rajmani who died recently was a? (Music Composer)
  9. 2016 will be celebrated as? (International year of Pulses)
  10. Which two states were the host to the 12th South Asian Games in India? (Guwahati and Shillong)
  11. When is the World Malaria Day celebrated? (25th April)
  12. Who is the author of the book ‘The White Tiger’ (Arvind Adiga)
  13. BRICS 2016 Summit would be held in? (New Delhi)
  14. Lamitye 2016 exercise held between? (India and Seychelles)
  15. Australian Open winners of Mens and Womens SIngles (Novak Djokovik and Anjelique Kerber)
  16. Target year for making India Malaria free by? (2030)
  17. Guru Gobind Singh Power Plant ios located in? (Punjab)
  18. Which company would be opening a power [plant in Odisha? (Adani Group)
  19. PM of Nepal who recently visited India (KP Sharma Oli)
  20. Banaras Hindu University was founded by? (Madan Mohan Malviya)

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