Static GA is something that does not change often and remains the same in most of the cases. Since 2015, Static GA has become one of the most important parts of the general awareness section in any banking exam. Whether it is SBI PO Mains or IBPS PO Mains or RRBs (Clerk and PO); every exam asked questions on Static GA. Sometimes, it is difficult for the students to learn Static GA and they just go for the exam by reading Current Affairs of the last 3 months. They find it very difficult to score in this section because GA is one of the most scoring sections asked in any exam. Under BABU KI FD, we will help you all easily learn the Static GA. We will share various tricks with the help of which you can easily understand and learn many things that form a part of this section. This will help you in all the exams. Topics that are covered under the Static portion include the following: 1. Countries And Their Capitals 2. State Capitals 3. Currencies 4. Chief Ministers 5. Rivers 6. National Parks 7. Thermal Power Plants 8. Nuclear Power Plants 9. Hydro Power Plants 10. Days 11. Folk Dances 12. International Organisations And Their Head Quarters 13. Bank Headquarters 14. Bank Taglines 15. Wildlife Sanctuaries 16. State Governors 17. Stadiums 18. Name Of The Trophies 19. Dams 20. Temples 21. Presidents And Prime Ministers Of Countries In News

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