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Khidki No. 2

Khidki No.2 is all about the moderate level questions which can be easily solved in any banking exam. We have used the word moderate because these questions are little easier than the Advanced reasoning questions and consume less time. But the questions which come under this section are confusing. One has to be strong in his or her basics to attempt these questions.
Anyone can get the right answers but the knack is how to save time or how to take lesser time than the others for solving the same questions and investing the saved time in solving some extra questions to get bonus marks in total.
Why I am saying this is because the section contains some questions on blood relation and one can easily get confused in these questions.

Though in India we all understand the blood relations better than anyone else by birth but in reasoning we all can get confused because of the twist in the language and more importantly, the time frame in which you have to solve the questions. After all, it’s about management of the paper not being able to solve only a single question completely!

Since 2015 the formation of the questions has changed. Now, blood relation and even directions sometimes comes in the form of a puzzle which contains 3-5 questions. This means that if you are sitting for PO Prelims you can see 1 or 2 questions on directions but if you are giving MAINS or RRB’s you can see 2 or 3 singles and 1 or 2 in the Data Sufficiency part.

This part contains topics like Blood relations, Directions, Word-coding, Ranking.

Sometimes you can see some other type of question in IBPS Clerks or RRB’s like Alphanumeric and symbol series or some questions based on group of numbers but not always.

As these questions are easily doable one must attempt these questions as one can boost their overall scores which is the most important thing now days in bank exams!
In the coming posts we would discuss each topic separately and provide a lot of practice material as well.

Good Luck!

Happy Studies :)

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