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Khidki No. 3

Khidki No. 3 is all about the advance- level reasoning which is asked in the IBPS PO MAINS or SBI PO MAINS. This section contains the toughest questions that can be asked in any bank exam. We say this because, since the last year not only SBI PO but also IBPS PO changed the level of questions drastically.

The puzzles became lengthy and time-consuming, Input Output became too lengthy to be solved in time duration and Verbal Reasoning became almost like the Critical Reasoning questions asked in CAT and exams alike. Basically these questions are time consuming questions.

But as we say; “It’s all about basics” means, if you are good at your basics or as the subject name is logical reasoning if you are good at applying your logic you will enjoy solving these and take them as a challenge!

This part contains topics like:

1. Seating arrangement
2. Puzzle
3. Input and output
4. Verbal reasoning

This part can change according to various exams. Like in some exams you may see 20 questions on puzzle and in some you may find 15 questions. Now a day, IBPS and SBI frequently changes the no. of questions each topic will contain.

Another question that pops up may be, whether to attempt such questions or not?
The best answer could be: If time allows, only then attempt these questions. Leaving anything would not be a good idea as of now!
Practice everything and be prepared for all kinds of changes that may come as a surprise for the students who don’t practice things!!

Good Luck! Happy studies :)

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