In the last two years or so, the bank exams have changed significantly. Be it the level of questions asked or simply a change in the pattern of the exam. The General Awareness or the GA section is also not immune to such changes. Earlier, only Current Affairs used to dominate this section but since the last two years Static GA Questions are also rocking the section. Banking Awareness and Banking Terms based questions are also a commonplace. So, following the trend, this year also changes have been made in the GA section of SBI Clerk 2016. Financial Awareness would be included in the General Awareness Section. Keeping in view the following, we present to you our BabuLogy Quizthat would help you prepare for the change as;

Finance is a gun; Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger!

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Welcome to Babulogy: Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz 5

1. Real Time Gross Settlement benefits:
2. Mark the correct statement about ATM:
3. Commercial papers may be issued for a period of:
4. The Banking Commission was appointed by the Government of India in January, 1969 under the Chairmanship of?
5. Regional Rural Banks are allowed to pay half percent additional interest on?
6. Which of the following is the sole authority for issue of currency in India?
7. One rupee notes and coins are a legal tender in India for?
8. The Public Debt offices function under the control of?
9. Open Market Operations are employed by the RBI:
10. NABARD extends refinance to?

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