Babu Ka Current A/c – June 3, 2018

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Current Affairs 2018 June 3 Banking Exams
  1. Two bronze idols got missing from Brihadisvara Temple
  • Where is the temple? (Tamil Nadu)
  • Name the King and queen whose statues were those (Raja Raja Cholan and Logamadevi)
  1. Indian women cricket team defeated Malaysia
  • Which cup did India lift as a result? (T20 Asia Cup)
  1. The most advanced nuclear capable Ballistic missile test fired
  • Which missile is it? (Agni 5)
  • What is its range? (5000 Km)
  1. Swiss Investment Bank UBS report suggested that Mumbai employees work for the most hours in world
  • How many hours do they work per annum? (3,315)
  1. Laila Ali retired with a 24-0 win-loss record
  • Which sport does she belong to? (Boxing)
  • Whose daughter is she? (Muhammad Ali)


  1. Indians rescued in Yemen, after cyclone Mekunu hit it
  • Name this rescue operation of Indian army (Operation Nistar)
  • Which ship was sent by the Indian Navy for this purpose? (INS Sunayna)
  1. Singapore named a flower after PM Modi
  • Name it (Dendrobium Narendra Modi)
  • Name the two other flowers named after him by Israel and Sikkim (MODI and Cymbidium Namo resp.)
  1. The ceremonial ‘First Pitch’ to be thrown by an Indian cricketer for the first time
  • Name him (Rohit Sharma)
  • Name the tournament (Major League Baseball)
  1. Whirlpool India to acquire major stake in Elica PB India
  • What per cent stake is it? (49%)
  1. Scheme announced to refund GST on raw material used to prepare Langar
  • Where is Langar prepared? (The Golden Temple)
  • Which scheme is it? (Seva Bhoj Yojna)
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