Babu Ka Current A/c – May 11, 2018

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Current Affairs 2018 May 11
  1. PM Narendra Modi on a two-day visit to Nepal
  • Which place is to be developed by the 100 crore aid given to Nepal by India? (Janakpur)
  • This aid was provided under which policy? (Neighbourhood First)
  1. Mount Merapi erupted sending an ash column as high as 5 km high
  • Where is it located? (Indonesia)
  1. Radio station started for prisoners in Maharashtra jail
  2. Mrinalini Sarabhai was paid tribute by Google doodle
  • Which dance form teacher had she been? (Bharatnatyam)
  1. National Technology Day was observed on 11th May
  • Name the Pokhran test that is commemorated by marking this day (Shakti)
  1. Rafael Nadal became the one to have won 50 straight sets on one surface
  • Whose record did he surpass? (John McEnroe)
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