Babu Ka Current A/c – May 27, 2018

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Current Affairs 2018 May 27
  1. Sangeeta Bahl became the oldest woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest
  • How old is she? (53)
  1. Reduction in admin charges result in saving Rs.900-cr annually
  • Which fund is this related with? (Provident Fund)
  • What is 0.65% of the total wage of the employees, reduced to? (0.50%)
  1. Delhi-Meerut expressway inaugurated by PM Modi
  • How many lanes does it have? (14)
  • What is its cost? (Rs.841-cr)
  1. A 17,000 mountain biking race to be held in Sikkim in June
  • How long will it be? (330 km)
  • What would its themes be like? (Secure Himalayas, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao etc)
  1. A recent BloombergQuint report stated that out of 17 listed PSBs, only 2 reported profits in 2017-18 final quarter
  • What was the overall loss reported by all? (Rs.53,000-cr)
  • Name the two that reported profits (Vijaya Bank and Indian Bank)


  1. All the ITR forms now available online
  • How many forms are there in all? (7)
  1. The fourth person to walk on moon passed away
  • Name him (Alan Bean)
  1. A report called Healthcare Access and Quality Index published
  • What is India’s rank among 195 countries? (145)
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