Babu Ka Current A/c – May 7, 2018

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Current Affairs 2018 May 7
  1. The printing of 500-rupee notes revamped to meet extra demand
  • What worth notes is being printed on a daily basis? (Rs.3000cr)
  • Name the Economic Affairs Secretary (SC Garg)
  1. ADB appreciated India’s projected GDP growth rate of more than 7%
  • Name the chief economist of ADB (Yasuyuki Sawada)
  • Where is the HQ of Asian Development Bank? (Philippines)
  1. Veteran Filmmaker passed away at 92
  • Name him (Arjun Hingorani)
  1. Artist Karan Acharya praised by PM Modi
  • Which portrait is he praised for? (Lord Hanuman)
  1. Infibeam acquired Unicommerce eSolutions for Rs.120crore
  • Who owned Unicommerce? (Snapdeal)
  1. The victims of child sexual abuse can file complaints till they are 25 years of age
  • Name the Union minister concerned (Maneka Gandhi)
  • What is POSCO Act? (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences)
  1. The number of onsite ATMs has reduced to 1,07,630 after the growing popularity of online transactions
  • What was the number in May 2017? (1,10,116)
  • Offsite ATMs has risen from 29,917 to what number? (32,680)
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