Babu Ka Current A/c – May 8, 2018

Daily news updates with possible questions from the same.

Current Affairs 2018 May 8
  1. Australian speedcuber broke his own record, solved it in 4.22 seconds
  • Name him (Feliks Zemdegs)
  1. Abdul Razzaq to make comeback after five years
  • Which country’s cricketer is he? (Pakistan)
  1. Highly skilled professionals from India accounted for 75.6% of the total H-1B visas
  • Which country issued them? (US)
  1. A pair of briefcase sized satellites launched along with InSight
  • Name it (MarCo)
  • What does Marco stand for? (Mars Cube One)
  1. Jaypee Infratech going through insolvency proceedings
  • What worth debt has to be paid by it? (Rs.9,800crore)


  1. Chief Financial Officer of Snap quit
  • Name him (Andrew Vollero)
  • Who will replace him? (Tim Stone)
  1. Congress withdrew plea of CJI impeachment
  • Name the Chief Justice of India (Dipak Misra)
  • Name the Rajya Sabha chairman (Venkaiah Naidu)
  1. Jayalalithaa’s memorial to be established in Tamil Nadu
  • Who led the foundation stone of this 50,422sq foot memorial? (Endappadi K Palaniswami)
  • What will it be shaped like? (Phoenix)
  1. Japanese PM and his wife were served dessert in shoe at Israeli PM’s residence
  • Name the chef (Segev Moshe)
  • Name the Israeli PM (Benjamin Netanyahu)
  1. Dominos India reported a 914% profit rise in March quarter
  • Which company operates the pizza chain in India? (Jubilant Foodworks)
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