Babu Ka Current A/c – May 9, 2018

Daily news updates with possible questions from the same.

Current Affairs May 9 2018
  1. eBay India to re-launch
  2. US prisoners freed by North Korea ahead of the respective leaders’ meet
  • Name the North Korean leader (Kim Jong-un)
  1. IMF has projected India’s growth rate at 7.4% in 2019
  • What per cent do India and China together contribute to global growth? (45%)
  1. Forbes’ World’s most powerful people list topped by Xi Jinping
  • What is Satya Nadella’s rank in it? (40th)
  • What is the total number of people on the list? (75)
  1. Imphal witnessed second militant attack merely in two days
  • How many BSF jawans were martyred in the blast? (2)


  1. World’s largest rodent eradication project, launched in 2011, turned successful
  • Which place has been declared rat free? (South Georgia)
  • What worth project was it? (£10-mn)
  1. J&K security forces caught four more Lashkar-e-Taiba militants
  • Name the district where they have been caught? (Baramulla)
  1. Facebook appointed product executive to take charge of WhatsApp
  • Name him (VP Daniels)
  1. Chan Zuckerberg partnered with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve education facilities
  2. Parag Diamonds also known as Paramount Gems won auction of A Jaffe
  • Whose firm was A Jaffe? (Nirav Modi)
  1. Indian banks now allowed to sell Vijay Mallya’s assets based in England and Wales to recover debt
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