1. Croatia Football team captain named Balkan Athlete of the year
  • Name him. (Luka Modric)
  • He surpassed Serbia’s world no. 1 Tennis player _______in the poll,? (Novak Djokovic)
  1. Russia successfully tested new hypersonic nuclear missile
  • What is the name of this missile system? (Avangard)
  1. Railways developed an AI powered robot to check faults
  • What is the name of the robot? (USTAAD; Undergear Surveillance Through Artificial Intelligence Assisted Droid)
  1. HDFC group became India’s largest business house in terms of market value
  • Which group has now been pushed down from the top position? (Tata Group)
  1. Indian-American named as the President & CEO of FedEx Express
  • Name him? (Rajesh Subramaniam)


  1. Pakistan bars former President from leaving the country
  • Name the former president who has been barred (Asif Ali Zardari)
  • Why has he been banned? (Money Laundering in over 29 fake accounts)
  1. Indian Oil among the most profitable PSUs of 2017-18
  • Which two PSUs along with Indian Oil were named? (ONGC and NTPC)
  • Which companies reported losses for the 2nd consecutive year? (BSNL, Air India, MTNL)
  1. Instant Triple Talaq a criminal offence
  • The bill has been passed in which house of the parliament? (Lok Sabha)
  • Who is the speaker of Lok Sabha? (Sumitra Mahajan)
  1. Railways develops AI powered robot
  • What is the robot known as? (USTAAD)
  • What would the robot do? (check faults in trains)
  1. Telangana and Andhra to have separate High Courts from Jan 1st
  • When were these two states bifurcated? (2nd June 2014)
  • Who released the orders? (Prez Ram Nath Kovind)
  1. Russia successfully test fires a hypersonic nuclear missile
  • What is the new hypersonic system called? (Avangard)
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