Babu Ka Current Affairs – February 24, 2019

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Current Affairs 2019
  1. Central Excise Day 2019 observed today
  • When was the Central Excise and Salt Act enacted? (24th February 1944)
  • Where is the HQ of CBEC? (New Delhi)
  1. 2nd Indian to have received the Future for Nature 2019 award
  • Who received the prestigious award? (Dr Divya Karnad)
  • How many Indian women have received this award before? (None)
  1. Regional Maritime Safety Conference for maritime safety in the India-ASEAN sub-region
  • Where was the conference held? (Mumbai)
  1. Boat ambulance service launched to ferry patients to hospitals in the remote areas
  • Which state has launched the ferry ambulance? (Odisha)
  • What is the total cost of the project? (Rs. 5.40 crore)
  1. Tamil Nadu gets its second Coast Guard District Headquarters
  • Who inaugurated the district HQ? (Governor; Banwarilal Purohit)
  • In which city has the same been inaugurated? (Thoothukundi)


  1. An year long emergency has been imposed in Sudan
  • Who is the president of Sudan? (Omar-al-Bashir)
  • What is the capital of Sudan? (Khartoum)
  1. Zimbabwe discontinues using its old currency amidst crisis
  • Which currency has it discontinued? (US Dollar)
  • Name the new currency that has been introduced (RTGS Dollar)
  • How many RTGS Dollars would be equal to 1 US Dollar? (2.5)
  1. Nagaland gets its first Lokayukta
  • Who took charge as the Lokayukta of Nagaland? (Justice Uma Nath Singh)
  • Name the person who administered the oath to the appointed Lokayukta (Governor; P.B. Acharya)
  1. Noted Telugu Film Director dies at 69
  • Which film director died? (Kodi Ramakrishna)
  1. GST on affordable housing properties reduced
  • The new rate of GST will be effective from? (1st April 2019)
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Babu Ka Current Affairs - February 25, 2019

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