Babu Ka Current Affairs – February 27, 2019

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Current Affairs 2019
  1. France decides to move to the UNSC with more information against Azhar
  • The P3 bloc comprises of which three countries? (France, the USA and the UK)
  • Which member of the UNSC keeps blocking the proposal? (China)
  • Where are the Head Quarters of the UNSC? (New York City, US)
  1. Supreme Court of India suggests mediation to resolve the Ayodhya case
  • A 5-judge bench headed by __________ would issue the orders on 5th March 2019 (CJI; Ranjan Gogoi)
  1. The Delhi state budget allocates a highest amount for the education sector
  • What percent of the total budget has been allocated for the education sector? (26%)
  1. The Government is keen on reducing the total number of RRBs to just 10-15 in the country
  • How many RRBs are functioning in the country at present? (56)
  • Which PSB is the biggest sponsor to the RRBs with 15 banks? (State Bank Of India)
  • The maximum stake holder in an RRB is the Central Government with 50% ownership followed by the sponsor bank with ______ ownership and State government with ______ ownership (35%, 15%)
  1. Merger of two RRBs; Karnataka-Kaveri Grameen Bank and Pragathi-Krishna Grameen bank approved
  • Which PSB would be the sponsor bank for the above? (Canara Bank)
  • Name the three RRBs that got approval to be merged in January? (Punjan Grameen Bank, Malwa Grameen Bank and Sutlej Grameen Bank)


  1. Indo-Bangla Joint-Military Exercise to be held in Bangladesh
  • What would the exercise be called? (Sampriti 2019)
  • The 8th edition of the exercise to be hosted for duration of 14 days between? (2nd and 14th of March)
  1. Veronika Major wins Gold at the ISSF World Cup
  • Veronika belongs to which country? (Hungary)
  • The ISSF World Cup is being held at? (New Delhi)
  1. Muhammadu-Buhari takes oath for his 2nd 4-year term
  • He has been elected as the President of which country? (Nigeria)
  • What is the capital of Nigeria? (Abuja)
  1. World’s largest Bhagwad Gita unveiled in New Delhi
  • On what occasion has the same been unveiled? (Gita Aradhana Mahotsav)
  1. The Passport Index of 2019 released as per the UNDP HDI
  • What is India’s rank in the list? (67th)
  • Who topped the list? (UAE)
  • Where is the HQ of UNDP? (New York, USA)
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