Babu Ka Current Affairs – January 10, 2019

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Current Affairs 2018
  1. 32nd GST council meeting– GST exemption doubled
  • What will be the GST exemption for north eastern states? (Rs 20 lakh)
  • What will be the GST exemption for rest of the country? (Rs 40 lakh)
  1. NCAP launched by government of India
  • What is NCAP? (National Clean Air Program)
  • Who launched the program? (Dr. Harshwardhan)
  1. World women’s boxing ranking released
  • Who topped the ranking? (Mary Kom)
  • What is AIBA? (International Boxing Association)
  1. Iran’s bank allowed to open branch in India
  • What is the name of the bank? (Pasargad)
  • Where it will open the branch? (Mumbai)
  1. Amount given by RBI to CBSL under SAARC swap facility
  • What is CBSL? (Central Bank of Srilanka)
  • What amount is given? ($400 Million)


  1. EIU released Democracy Index
  • What is EIU? (Economist Intelligence Index)
  • What is India’s rank? (41)
  1. The threshold limit for the GST Composition Scheme increased
  • What was the previous limit and what is the new limit? (Previous: 1 crore, Present: 1.5 crore)
  • Who made the announcement after the 32nd meeting of the GST Council in Guwahati? (Arun Jaitley)

Babulogy: GST Composition Scheme: It is a scheme for the small business men whose turnover is less than or equal to Rs. 1.5 crore (now extended) under which they can pay GST every quarter at a fixed rate of their turnover rather than following the usual rates of interest determined by the GST council. This prevents them from the tedious process of paying taxes and once their business crosses the threshold limit, they can easily opt out of the scheme.

  1. CBSE introduces 2 levels for 10th class Mathematics
  • What would be the two levels? (Basic and Standard)
  • By which year has the board decided to implement the same? (2020)
  1. UAE defeats India in the ongoing Asia Cup 2019
  • Which country is playing host to the Asia Cup? (UAE)
  • This is the _____ edition being played (17th)
  1. Ministry of Women and Child Development has launched an online campaign for driving the agenda of social change
  • What is the name of the campaign? (Web-Wonder women)
  • Name the Union minister of Women and Child Development (Maneka Gandhi)
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