Daily Current Affairs Quiz: January 5, 2017

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Welcome to Daily Current Affairs Quiz January 5, 2017

1) Where did the 350th celebration of the Prakash Parv begin?
2) Who has been appointed as UK’s ambassador to the EU?
3) When is the World Braille Day observed?
4) Abdul Halim Jaffer who passed away recently was a famous______________.
5) Professor Gangmumei Kamei was a famous_______.
6) UN recognised which year as the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development?
7) What is the amount of discount which a person will get on making online payment for LPG gas cylinders?
8) Who has been removed as the BCCI President?
9) Where has the 2-day Assam Biotech Conclave begun?
10) Which bank tied up with Bajaj Electricals for vending financing using block chain technology?

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