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Time for us to go through some Banking and Financial Terms. With the Mains coming up, it becomes necessary to go through specific terms and prepare them well. In our Babulogy section, we take care of the same hence, we present this Quiz for you all. Solve, Google, Read and make your own notes.

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Welcome to Babulogy: Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz 10


Which organisation’s Recommendations are recognised as the global AML & CFT standard?

2. What is AML & CFT?
3. As per the KYC/AML standards CTR has to be sent to ‘FIU-IND’ every month, what is CTR?
4. As per the KYC/AML standards, if any suspicious transaction is observed then STR has to be sent to ‘FIU-IND’ within 7 days, what is STR?
5. What is ‘FIU-IND’?
6. ‘FIU-IND’ is governed by which authority?
7. What is ‘FATF’?
8. Where is the HQ of ‘FATF’?
9. As per the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 currency notes can’t be issued above which denomination?
10. Coins can be issued up to which denomination?

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Babulogy: Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz: 9

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