Financial Awareness Quiz 19

6th Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz based on News from July 2016. How to prepare for this section? Well, it’s simple! Follow the news daily without fail. Either read a good English Financial Daily (The Economic Times, preferably) or watch a good News Channel (DD News, preferably). Read the news updates from good websites and make your own handwritten notes. Practice good quality Quizzes to see how much do you retain. REPEAT!

Welcome to Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz SET 19

1. SEBI gave approval to which Private lender for setting up an AMC & a trustee company?
2. How many banks will face a penalty by the RBI for violation of FEMA?
3. By what percent has the manufacturing tax been dropped by the Cabinet?
4. ADB raised how much fund via rupee-linked bonds?
5. What amount of capital has been infused in SBI by the government?
6. As per the RBI survey what percent of the public sector bank ATMs are non-functional?
7. A Japanese company, OKI has installed Cash recycling ability ATM in which Bank?
8. Which Bank’s mobile wallet app now allows customers to purchase railway tickets through the app?
9. Which Urban Cooperative bank linked up with HDFC Ergo?
10. How much fund has been approved under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme?

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