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3rd Quiz based on News from November 2016. How to prepare for this section? Well, it’s simple! Follow the news daily without fail. Either read a good English Financial Daily (The Economic Times, preferably) or watch a good News Channel (DD News, preferably). Read the news updates from good websites and make your own handwritten notes. Practice good quality Quizzes to see how much do you retain.


Welcome to Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz SET 32

1) ‘e-Krona’ will be the National digital currency of which country in two years from now?
2) Which bank has introduced ATM on wheels in Kolar district, Bangalore?
3) First Payments Bank that started in Rajasthan is offering how much interest on deposits in saving accounts?
4) India signed Bank information deal (Automatic Exchange of Information) with which country?
5) Which authority has doubled the balance limit of PPIs(Prepaid Payment Instruments) to Rs.20000?
6) FDI jumped to what percent after the launch of ‘Make in India Campaign’?
7) Lenovo partnered with an e-commerce company for cashless transactions?
8) Which bank launched its contactless ATM Debit Card recently in Thrissur, Kerala?
9) Which mobile wallet launched a new mobile wallet for the users having slow internet connection?
10) Which bank introduced (Aadhar Payment Bridge System) APBS for micro-finance loan disbursements?

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