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1st Quiz based on News from December 2016. How to prepare for this section? Well, it’s simple! Follow the news daily without fail. Either read a good English Financial Daily (The Economic Times, preferably) or watch a good News Channel (DD News, preferably). Read the news updates from good websites and make your own handwritten notes. Practice good quality Quizzes to see how much do you retain.


Welcome to Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz SET 33

1) Indian Railways approached which bank/s to install PoS at ticket counters?
2) Reliance announced an exclusive app for which group?
3) Which bank tied up with Spice Digital for Cash management services?
4) Which bank launched its mobile wallet app ‘Cippy wallet’?
5) Mauritius contribute about how much percent of the total FDI inflow in India?
6) Ola has partnered with which bank to setup mobile ATMs with the withdraw limit of Rs.2000?
7) “Indian Gold Coin” minted by MMTC will be available in how many denominations?
8) Which bank will give a $500 mn loan to TAPI natural gas pipeline project?
9) ‘Mallika E-Haat’ tied up with SBI & ____ to provide more payment options?
10) India & _____  signed an agreement of $5.19 Million for “Additional Financing for Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs Project- Programmatic Framework for Energy Efficiency”.

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Banking/Financial Awareness Quiz For IBPS 2016 – SET 32

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