India is home to diverse natural habitats for animals and a variety of flora and fauna can be found in the entire geography of our country. Along with Rivers, Dams, Capitals, States etc. various National Parks in India also form one of the most important topics for exams like SBI clerk and SBI PO Mains and we can see at least one or two questions on these in every bank exam these days. Students find it very difficult to memorize the static GA and that is because of our childhood habit of ‘Rattafication’ ;), Haha! Well, Jokes apart; it’s always good to use techniques which always help students recall such things in the exams. And one of these techniques is that; read the post once or twice, take a plain paper and write the ones that you remember immediately without referring to the content again. This will help you memorize static GA. There are so many national parks in India but we will only consider the ones that are more probable to appear in the exams. Let’s do the trick! 🙂

Let’s start with a trick with trying to remember the states where the popular National Parks are mostly situated.  Just concentrate on the capital and highlighted letters in red. These are the Initials of the states!

So, let’s say it out loud at least twice before moving ahead!

MP KA Gujarat se Wahi Rishta hai jO UP Ka Maharashtra aur Uttrakhand se hai

So our states are:

S.No.Trick lettersName of the stateNo. of National Parks in the state
1MPMadhya Pradesh4
5WWest Bengal1
8UPUttar Pradesh1

Now let’s have a look at the various National Parks:

1. Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh has four major National Parks namelyNational Parks in Madhya Pradesh

2. Karnataka: Karnataka has three major National Parks namelyNational Parks In Karnataka

3. Assam: Assam has two major National Parks namely:National Parks In Assam

4. Gujarat: Gujarat has two major National Parks namely:National Parks In Gujarat

5. Rajasthan:  Rajasthan has three major National Parks namely:National Parks In Rajasthan

6. Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand has two major National Parks namely:National Parks In Uttarakhand

7. Kerala: Kerala has two major National Parks namely:National Parks In Kerala

Except the states mentioned above, the four states mentioned below have only one National park each!



National Parks


West Bengal



Uttar Pradesh







Sanjay Gandhi


Thank You! 

Read, Memorize and Write 🙂

Good Luck!

Happy Studies 🙂

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