Babu Ki FD: Dams in India And The Rivers Over Which They Have Been Built

Dams in India

We are sharing with you various Dams in India. As we all know SBI Clerk Mains is just few days away we all will try to cover as much GA and Static part as possible so that we all can write the exam well. So as far as the pattern of SBI for 2016 is concerned, more focus will be given to Financial and General Awareness. But then also it is possible that 6-7 static questions can be asked in the exam out which there can be questions on Dams also. In this post we will try to cover various Dams in India which can come in the exams. Though, various others would be left, we would cover them in the coming posts. If you feel difficult to learn the names of the Dams, just read once or twice, take a fresh paper and write all of them down. By doing that, you will be able to memorize the names of Dams. We will try to use some tricks which will be helpful for you.

1. Madhya Pradesh

  • P has 3 Dams out which 2 are on Narmada and 1 is on Chambal
  • Concentrate on the words in red. These are the names of the Dams in M.P
Trick Indra Gandhi jab PM thi to Omkareshwar ke darshan karne ayi thi

Dams In India MP

2. Jammu and Kashmir

  • J&K has 5 dams out of which 2 are on Chenab, 1 each on Jhelum, Sindhu and Suru
  • Concentrate on the words in red as these are the names of Dams in J&K
Trick Shyam ne BUN C bajayi

Dams In India Short Tricks 1

3. Uttarakhand

  • Uttarakhand has three popular Dams out of which 2 are on Bhagirathi and 1 is on Yamuna

Dams In India

4. Gujarat

  • Gujarat has mainly 2 Dams out of which 1 is on Narmada and 1 on Tapi

Dams In India

5. Rajasthan

  • The place of Deserts has 2 Dams and both are on Chambal

Dams In India

6. Kerala

  • Kerala has two dams and both are on the Periyar river

Dams In India Short Tricks 5

7. Andhra Pradesh

• Andhra Pradesh has two dams and both are on river Krishna

Dams In India Short Tricks 6

Now there are 6 states left which have one Dam each

1OdishaMahanadiHirakud Dam
2Tamil NaduKaveriMettur Dam
3Uttar PradeshRihandRihand Dam
4MaharashtraKoynaKoyna Dam
5PunjabRaviRanjit Sagar Dam
6Himachal PradeshSatlujBhakra Dam

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