Babu Ki FD: Easy Tricks To Learn Common Currencies

Countries with a Common Currency. It gets easy to remember currencies when you know that so many countries use just one!

Common Currencies

In the following post, we are sharing with you tricks to make it easy for you to remember countries that use same currencies. We have tried to cover only those that are relevant from the exam point of view. Let’s learn the tricks through the following mnemonics! The letters highlighted in Red are the initials of the names of the countries! The letters highlighted in Green show the currency!!

#Countries having Rupee as their Currency:

SIS. IN MP saves Rupees

There are 7 countries that use Rupee as their currency namely;

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Indonesia (Rupiah)
  3. Seychelles
  4. India
  5. Nepal
  6. Mauritius
  7. Pakistan

#Countries having Pound as their Currency:

 Pound is USeLESS

There are 6 countries that use Pound as their currency namely;

  1. UK
  2. Sudan
  3. Lebanon
  4. Egypt
  5. Syria
  6. Helena

#Countries having Peso as their Currency:

UP CCD Me Peso ka AC

There are 8 countries that use Peso as their currency namely;

  1. Uruguay
  2. Phillippines
  3. Cuba
  4. Columbia
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. Mexico
  7. Argentina
  8. Chile

#Countries having Dinar as their Currency:

 BJP & I AM in Dinar LiST

There are 9 countries that use Dinar as their currency namely;

  1. Bahrain
  2. Jordan
  3. Palestine
  4. Iraq
  5. Algeria
  6. Macedonia (Denar)
  7. Libya
  8. Serbia
  9. Tunisia

#Countries having Shilling as their Currency:

TUSK costs 100 Shillings

There are 4 countries that use Shilling as their currency namely;

  1. Tanzania
  2. Uganda
  3. Somalia
  4. Kenya

#Countries having Krone/Koruna/Krona as their Currencies:

NCR IS in Delhi

There are 6 countries that use Krone/Koruna/Krona as their currencies namely;

  1. Norway (Krone)
  2. Czech Republic (Krona)
  3. Iceland (Koruna)
  4. Sweden (Koruna)
  5. Denmark (Krone)

#Countries having Rial/Riel/Real as their Currencies:

BOYS have good IQ

There are 6 countries that use Rial/Riel/Real as their currencies namely;

  1. Brazil (Real)
  2. Oman (Rial)
  3. Yemen (Rial)
  4. Saudi Arabia (Riyal)
  5. Iran (Rial)
  6. Qatar (Riyal)

Study the tricks and let the things make way into your head!

All the Best!

Happy Studies 🙂

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