Descriptive Typing Test – Set 2


Write an essay on any one of the following in not more than 350 words.


Topic 1: How will a transformation of the Indian Railways impact the lives of the common man in India?

Topic 2: “Life is like an Onion.”

Topic 3: The social impact of the increasing affinity of the youth towards gaming and social media.


Write a letter on one of the following in not more than 200 words.


Topic 1: To the local bodies complaining about the garbage and litter in your locality and the health issues increasing because of the same.

Topic 2: As a PO in a bank, request your branch manager to pay attention towards the rising complaints about the business correspondents from the villagers.

Topic 3: To your sister studying in a college explaining the advantages of working at part time jobs along with college and motivating her to gain soft skills and experience.

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