Descriptive Typing Test – Set 1


Write an essay on any one of the following in not more than 350 words.

Topic 1: How will the Brexit affect the Indian economy and trade?

Topic 2: 'Glass Ceiling' → still exists for women in India.

Topic 3: 'Intervention of politics in the Indian educational system.


Write a letter on one of the following in not more than 200 words.

Topic 1: To the manager, requesting him to arrange good quality drinking water for the customers in your branch as there is a dire need of the same specially in the summer season.

Topic 2: To the newspaper, making a request to the editor to create an awareness about the rising noise pollution and accidents being created because of rash driving and cacophony of horns etc.

Topic 3: To your younger brother who has started working; make him aware of the various benefits of tax saving investments.

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