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2. Burst

Burst: to break open or apart, especially because of pressure from inside

  • The balloon hit a tree and burst
  • The dam burst under the weight of water
  • He felt that he would burst with anger and shame
  • I am bursting (I need to use the toilet right now)

Idiomatic Usage:

  • Be bursting to do stg: to want to do stg so much that you can hardly stop yourself
  • To burst somebody’s bubble: to bring an end to somebody’s hopes
  • Burst stg open: to open suddenly or violently

3. Crack

Crack: to break without dividing into separate parts

  • The ice cracked as I stepped on to it
  • He has cracked a bone in his arm
  • The baby’s lips were dry and cracked
  • A chunk of the cliff had cracked off in the storm

Idiomatic Usage:

  • At the crack of dawn: very early in the morning
  • Get cracking: to begin immediately and work quickly

4. Crumble

Crumble: to break into very small pieces

  • Crumble the cheese over the salad
  • Rice flour makes the cake less likely to crumble
  • The building started crumbling into dust

Idiomatic Usage:

  • That’s the way the cookie crumbles: that’s the situation and we cannot change it so we must accept it

5. Cut

Cut: to make an opening or a wound in something especially with a sharp tool

  • He cut himself shaving
  • You need a powerful saw to cut through metal
  • Now cut the tomatoes in half
  • He cut four thick slices from the loaf

Idiomatic Usage:

  • Cut and run: to make a quick and sudden escape
  • Cut it: be as good as expected or needed

6. Fracture

Fracture: to make something break or crack

  • His leg fractured in two places
  • Many people predicted that the party would fracture and split
  • The company was fractured into several similar groups

7. Shatter

Shatter: to suddenly break into small pieces

  • He dropped the vase and it shattered into pieces
  • We heard the sound of shattering glass while watching TV
  • The unexpected death of their son shattered them
  • Her experience of divorce shattered her illusions about love

8. Smash

Smash: to break something violently and noisily

  • The glass bowl smashed into a thousand pieces
  • Several windows had been smashed because of the storm
  • He smashed the ball to hit a straight drive

9. Snap

Snap: break suddenly with sharp noise

  • He snapped the twig off a bush
  • Suddenly, the rope snapped
  • The branch she was standing on must have snapped off

Idiomatic Usage:

  • Snap your fingers: (चुटकी बजाना)
  • Snap out of it/stg: come out depression or try to stop feeling unhappy
  • Snap to it: tell somebody to start working harder
  • Be a snap: to be very easy to do
  • Make it snappy: to make it quick or hurry up

10. Split

Split: to divide

  • The committee split over government subsidies
  • She split the money she won with her brother
  • The cushion split open and sent feathers everywhere
  • We were split up into groups to discuss the question

Idiomatic Usage:

  • Split the difference: to settle for a price after negotiation
  • Split your sides laughing: to laugh a lot
  • Split the ticket: vote for candidates from more than one party
  • Split hairs: to pay too much attention to trivial details in an argument

11. Tear

Tear: to damage something

  • Careful; the fabric tears very easily
  • The blast tore a hole in the wall
  • He tore the letter in two

Idiomatic Usage:

  • To tear something /someone apart to bits/shreds/pieces etc: to destroy or defeat or criticize severely
  • Tear your heart out/ tear at your heart: to strongly affect you in an emotional way
  • Be torn between A and B: to be unable to decide or choose between people or choices
  • Tear a strip off somebody: to speak angrily to somebody who has done something wrong
  • That’s torn it: something has happened to spoil your plans
  • Tear your hair out: to show that you are anxious about something
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