8 Different
Adjectives to
describe Smells

24 adjectives to describe pleasant Smells


  • The air was filled with the scent of pleasant flowers
  • The dogs must have lost their scent
  • The scent of victory was in the air
  • We gifted the birth day girl a bottle of scent

Idiomatic usage

Put/throw somebody off the scent:
To do something to stop somebody from finding you or discovering something


  • Chefs often use aromatic herbs in cakes
  • Aromatic oils can cure muscle pain
  • The aroma of fresh coffee makes my day
  • The aroma of the dish spread in the entire room


  • The air was fragrant with scents from the sea and the hills
  • The fragrance of flowers automatically spread everywhere
  • It is scientifically proven that fragrances can uplift mood
  • The perfume has a light, fresh fragrance

5Sweet smelling

  • I everyday give my class teacher a sweet smelling rose
  • The use of sweet smelling natural oils for healing pain is called aroma therapy
  • I usually do not use sweet smelling cosmetics

64 adjectives to describe Unpleasant Smells


  • His breadth smelt of garlic
  • Can you smell something burning?
  • Use body talc to get rid of smelly feet

Idiomatic Usage:

Smell a rat: to suspect that something is wrong about a situation
To come out of something smelling of roses: to still have a good reputation even though you have been involved in something that might have given people a bad opinion of you


  • It stinks of smoke in here
  • The pathology lab was filled with the stink of urine
  • Roger Skunk is a fiction character that stinks
  • The dirty aquarium stank the room out


  • The cookbook is an old standard and has yellowed pages and a musty smell
  • Long unused, the cars today have a musty smell
  • It has low ceilings and a slightly musty smell, like the home of an elderly aunt
  • Open windows, chase out musty smells

9 Odour

  • The odour of gas was in the house
  • The odour rising from the heap of waste is disease causing
  • It is clean and does not have a doggy odour
  • I took a deep sniff but detected no rotting odour


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