Let’s Learn The Number of Ways in Which We Can Use The Word ‘Act’

English Usage


Let’s learn the number of ways in which we can use the word

2Act your age

Act your age: to behave in a way that is suitable for somebody of your age


  • Now a days children don’t act their age
  • Stop being silly and act your age!
  • She remembers black nuns who told her “act your age, not your colour”

3Act/play the fool

Act/play the fool: to behave in a stupid way to make people laugh


  • Quit playing the fool and get some work done!
  • I’m trying not to act the fool just because I have a baby grand daughter
  • This does not mean that you should act the fool and not care anymore

4Act as if you own the place

Act as if you own the place: to behave in a confident way that annoys other people


  • Those who feel inferior tend to act as if they own the place
  • The boss’ son always walks through the office as if he owns the place
  • He walked into the office as if he owned the place

5Act of God

Act of God: event caused by natural forces


  • Most airlines will not reimburse passengers in flight delays or cancelations that are caused by an act of God
  • Many insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by acts of God
  • No man is capable of reversing the act of God

6Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words: what a person actually does matters more than what they say they will do


  • Don’t look at what people say, look what they do as actions speak louder than words
  • Your words mean nothing when your actions are the complete opposite after all; actions speak louder than words

7Be/get in on the act

Be/get in on the act: to become involved in an activity that somebody else has started, especially to get something for yourself


  • Now a days everybody wants to get in on the act
  • We designed the web page and now everyone else in our class wants to get in on act
  • Why get in on the act and become an escort himself

8Do, perform, stage a vanishing/disappearing act


  • Tina always does a vanishing act when my mother comes to stay
  • My kids always do a disappearing act when I tell them its time for their chores
  • As soon as the teacher came outside, Mary did a disappearing act

9Get your act together

Get your act together: to start organizing oneself in order to perform better


  • She is so disorganized-I wish she would get her act together
  • When I have my act together, I’ll get the job
  • Mary is trying to get her act together and do better in all aspects of her life

10A hard/tough act to follow

A hard/tough act to follow: an outstanding performance


  • His presidency was very successful-it’ll be a hard act to follow
  • Lucy was a terrific group leader-here is a hard act to follow
  • Bob’s record is excellent it will be a tough act to follow
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