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1. A. Typically, if the eye of the cyclone stay on top of warm water, the hurricane keeps to its full strength.

B. Though it is two months past the bird season, not many migratory varieties are found in the vicinity because there is no water in the water bodies.

C. The entrance gate and the outer walls near it were also badly damaged and it has also been repaired.

D. Netaji had himself said that it will be a greater tragedy if he was accepted by the nation's people but not by its greatest man

E. all correct
2. A. Along with the nomination forms, the candidates also had to give affidavit on toilets in their homes and number of children.

B. The examinations will also be conducted as per a common timetable in all the member schools.

C. Teachers have been buying some products on credit, but we face a lot of problem in buying milk, vegetables and fruits for the students as vendors need cash.

D. A pair of multi-strap block heels is the right choice to strike a balance between glamour and grace for your bachelorette.

E. all correct
3. A. With silts in drains across the city remaining unattentive to and with garbage being left in open places, the citizens are left exposed to health risks.

B. However, he decided to keep it low profile with minimum or no lighting, no fireworks and simply without any sweets.

C. Drum circles were organized for those looking to relax and energize themselves through music, while a counter for nail art was placed to allow participants to glam up a little bit

D. Machines with no cash wore a deserted look, compared to one with queues growing longer steadily

E. all correct
4. A. He directed the officials to put up camps and register farmers so that they get paid well for the crop instead of selling their produced through middlemen and suffer a loss.

B. This has important real-life implications for health and exercise professionals and their intervention programmes, the researchers suggest.

C. People making noises about demonetisation are indirectly supporting corruption and tax evasion.

D. I used to go to the neighbouring fields for getting firewood and also have to spend between Rs 1,000 and Rs
1,500 per month on buying it.

E. all correct
5. A. Skilled hands moved across mica sheets as they worked with carpenter pencils, nail pullers and smoothening tools, talking and laughing amongst themselves as student volunteers gathering around to watch.

B. While the journalist asked them why they were not accepting the coins, the petrol pump staff attacked him.

C. During the workshop, we told people about how a large number of mobile wallets have been hacked in the past and the methods to avoid this.

D. The institute has to balance the funds we can spend on this category as it may affect other categories like support to top national and international conferences.

E. all correct

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