Fill in the blanks are one of the most commonly asked questions in all the bank exams these days. These questions are very popular among the students as 99% of the students find them attractive to attempt. This happens because of two reasons:

  • They look very small and take less time
  • Atleast 3 out of 5 can be solved with ease and accuracy by most of the students

But, FIBs should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sometimes they confuse and the students end up picking the wrong option out of the ones they were confused with. The difficulty level of the questions entirely depends on the nature of the exam. In PO or Mains to be specific; the words in the options may demand a good hold over vocabulary but in Prelims or an easy exam like the Clerks; the usage of the words or grammatical fit would play an important role.

How to attempt and practice:

  • Read the sentence carefully and figure out whether the two words required should be similar or opposite as per the context. Try to eliminate options based on this.
  • See whether the words fit grammatically as well
  • Put both the words and try to get the meaning of the sentence before marking the answer
  • Read a lot as it helps quickly judge the tone of the sentence and pick the near to accurate options most of the times
  • And remember; Practice makes perfect!

Keeping in view the above; let’s practice few sentences. We would keep updating more questions on a regular basis for practice!


In each of these questions, a sentence has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are given four words or set of words. Choose the word or the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. The eye-catching name was definitely a ______ and made me feel like the developer is ______ with the outside world.

(a) hook, familiar

(b) hint, absent

(c) link, popularly

(d) idea, familiar


For the first blank, hook, hint, link all fit but idea does not. A idea is a wrong usage, an idea would have been correct. This cancels option 5. For the second blank, only one word ‘familiar’ fits to make sense. [Absent with and popularly with would both be incorrect] So, Option (a) would be the right answer.

  1. Its Californian _____ include arched windows, sloping roofs and_______ columns as well as resort-like landscaping.

(a) All the other options

(b) house, beautiful

(c) features, helical

(d) design, special


In the third option, the word ‘features’ fits the first blank as it is a plural subject and can be followed by include which is a plural verb. House and Design are singular and cannot be correct as they must have been followed by includes.  The second word helical means spiral in shape also fits the second blank correctly. Hence, option (c) would be the right choice.

  1. It wasn’t _____ to meet him ______ on a working day.

(a) possible, happily

(b) easy, socially

(c) okay, simply

(d) All the above 


For the above question, the second blank would help reach a right option. Meeting someone socially not happily or simply would be a better option. So; it wasn’t easy to meet someone socially on a working day makes complete sense.

  1. The man who structured his work so ______, did make some majorly surprising _______.

(a) religiously, switches

(b) poor, paintings

(c) fastly, images

(d) None of these


This sentence talks about a person who carried out his work very sincerely (religiously) but still made many changes (switches) in his jobs and profiles that were quite surprising. So, option (a) fits. The first blank needs an adverb so this also makes religiously a better fit than the others.

  1. Proposed ________ says that the private colleges, states, minority institutes will have to _______ the Medical Council of India.

(a) Rules, implement

(b) Amendment, follow

(c) guidelines, implement

(d) change, apply 


The first blank is followed by says which is a singular verb hence the word preceding it should also be singular. This cancels options (a) and (c). Now, in the second blank, ‘follow the……..’ will be better than ‘change the……’ So, option (b) would fit aptly.

Read the next article for practice questions. Happy studies! 🙂

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Fill in the Blanks: Practice Exercise

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