Error-Finding questions generally include three varieties:

  • The normal grammatical error detection questions
  • The improvement in the underlined or highlighted portion questions
  • Spelling error questions

In this post we would see what the pattern of the spelling error questions is. They are the easiest of all the varieties as sometimes the words used in the sentences are very easy!

To master them is SIMPLE! Practice makes perfect!! 🙂


In each of the following questions, each sentence has four bold words or phrases marked. One of these four words printed in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in context of the sentence. Find the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate in context.

  1. (1) In a country where racism is often on display/ (2) the most recent example being that of a Tanzanain girl in/ (3) Bangalore who was assalted by a mob- comes a book/ (4) which aims to sensitise children on the issue/ (5) All correct
  1. (1) Arvind Kejriwal has granted a/ (2) Rs. 570 crores loan to MCD workers/ (3) which they found not enough and/ (4) they expectt to get grants not loans/ (5) All correct
  1. (1) Angelique Merker of Germany won/ (2) her maiden titel of Australian Open/ (3) by defeating the top seed Serena Williams/ (4) who hails from USA/ (5) All correct
  1. (1) Supreme Court told BCCI on the reccommendations/ (2) of the findings of the Lodha Committee/ (3) report to clear its stand on/ (4) the issue of conflict of interests/ (5) All correct
  1. (1) Mathews, a businessman of Kuwait/ (2) helped 1.7 lakh Indians who found refuge/ (3) in his office when Iraq/ (4) invadad and terrorized their country/ (5) All correct
  1. (1) An award winning voice artist/ (2) who provided vocals for charactars/ (3) like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety the bird/ (4) and Sylvester the cat has died of cancer / (5) All correct
  1. (1) The Make in India initiative has/ (2) given a boost to the manufacturing/ (3) sector in India and the other programms also are/ (4) giving a thrust by adding skilled manpower in the economy/ (5) All correct
  1. (1) Opportunities multiply/ (2) when they are siezed/ (3) and die/ (4) when they are not? (5) No error
  1. (1) He realized/ (2) he was alone/ (3) in the house and russhed/ (4) to bolt all the doors and windows/ (5) No Error

10. (1) Thomas could not cook/ (2) very well and thus/ (3) had to stay food/ (4) from a restaurant/ (5) No error

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Spelling Errors: Practice Questions - Set 1


Error Finding

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