Today’s Root: Greg


Words formed from Greg

  • Congregation
  • Gregarious
  • Egregious
  • Aggregate

The meaning of the above words revolves around the four meanings surrounding the root as shown.

root greg

Let’s get to the meanings!

(Con-with, Greg-crowd) So; a social gathering of a huge crowd or a group of people (connects to sociable and group) Opposite being Segregate (Se-Separate)

Sum total, to collect, to unite (connects to total)

A friendly social butterfly who lives in flocks or groups and is very sociable and friendly (connects to group and sociable)

Kicked out of a group because of ill temper of not a very friendly gesture (connects to social (anti) and group)

Let’s look at the usage!

The congregation had no place to worship after their temple had been burnt by the rebels.

She moves in large groups and is more gregarious than her brother.

The teacher sent the egregious student out of the class as he was unable to behave properly with the group.

The aggregate average annual value of the last five years stands at Rs. 10,000 crore.


Thank You!

Make your own sentences , Revise , Associate with people or things around and Practice!
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