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Welcome to General/Financial Awareness Test For SBI Clerk Mains 2016

1) Which state became the first state to give BPL status to Transgenders?
2) Who is the new Brand ambassador of Lava Mobiles?
3) Asia’s 1st Rice Technology Park will be set up in which district of Karnataka?
4) Which of the following is country’s single emergency number that will be activated from 1st
5) Khalid al-Falih has been appointed as the new Oil Minister of which country?
6) Sri Lanka decided to redefine the Colombo Port Project with which country?
7) Indian-South African Judge Navaneetham Pillay Bagged top honour of which country?
8) Who launched the 11-Day intensive rural outreach programme named Gram Uday se Bharat Uday?
9) Name the renowned Iraqi-British Architect who passed away recently?
10) Name the payment service launched by Blackberry in India?
11) Which Municipal Council became the First Indian Council to have a Digi-Locker?
12) Union government released a commemorative coin and a circulation coin on which historian leader?
13) India’s First Beti Garden named Shloka Beti Garden is located at?
14) Name the web portal launched by the Government which is an e-Bidding & e-Reverse Auction portal for acquisition of short-term by the Power Distribution Companies (DISCOMs)?
15) Who is the author of the book: My Favourite Nature Stories?
16) Which major stock index has launched a new index for small & mid stocks?
17) Where was the 60th Session of the Commission on the status of Women inaugurated?
18) Which bank has launched India's G-Secs facility to retail customers via ATMs?
19) Who won the BNP Paribas Open Men’s title?
20) Which country announced to end its Operation Sangaris in the Central African Republic in 2016?
21) Who has signed an MoU with LIC to promote Startups & MSMEs?
22) What is the name of the world's longest serving warship?
23) Which of the following has developed the Unified Payments Interface?
24) India's first 75-seater solar powered ferry would come up in which tourism spot of Kerala?
25) Who has been conferred with the Skoch Lifetime Achievement Award?
26) Where will India's first self cleaning smart toilets (around 180) be installed?
27) Which bank became the first to sell  Indian Gold Coins in the domestic market?
28) Htin Kyaw has been elected as first civilian President of which country?
29) Which State's Government University has adopted Rain Water Harvesting?
30) OLTAS is a system to help tax payers. What does ‘A’ stand for in OLTAS?
31) Interest on Saving Bank Account is now calculated by banks on?
32) Which company signed an MoU with the Iranian Government to set up a smelter plant in Chabahar?
33) Who won the 2016 Scholastic Asian Award for the book “Codex: The Lost Treasure of Indus”?
34) Which of the following Indian States does not have a coin minting press?
35) The Banking Commission was appointed by the Government of India in January, 1969 under the Chairmanship of?
36) Prime Minister launched Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana at which place?
37) SC appointed which panel to reform the Medical Council of India?
38) SFMS is a platform messaging standard developed to serve as a platform for inter-bank and intra- bank applications. What does F in SFMS stand for?
39) Name the drive started by the Government of India for budding entrepreneurs?
40) Open Market Operations are employed by the RBI______.
41) Who will be the Vice-Chairman of the IAMAI’s Payments Bank Group?
42) Which bank launches country’s first contactless credit card for SMEs?
43) What’s the currency of Tunisia?
44) Which of the following days in observed on 21st June?
45) Where is PakkeTiger reserve located?
46) CCRS is a software maintained by the banks. What does CCRS stands for?
47) The CBS provides the currency composition of Bank’s balance sheets & the geographical breakdown of their counterparties. What is CBS?
48) Which Bank became the 1st digital-only Bank of the world?
49) How many crores FDI proposals have been cleared by FIPB?
50) Where is the Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited; Solar Power Park located?

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