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Welcome to Quantitative Aptitude Test for SBI Prelims - Maths 2

Directions (1-10): What would come in place of the ? in the following questions?

Q.1 157% of 360 + 66% of 275 = 30% of ?
Q.2 987.67 × 123.35 ÷ 9 = ?
Q.3 76% of 960 - 45% of 148 = ?% of 5525
Q.4 85% of 225 + 32.98 × 6.003 = ?
Q.5 88% of 1500 + 75% of 340 = ?% of 630
Q.6 (207)² + 20% of 200 × √1225 - 25% of 160 = ?
Q.7 (√1120 × 183.98) + 465.02% of 171.95 = ?
Q.8 30% of 5/7 of 3/13 of 16/15 of 10920 = ?
Q.9 144 × 7 + 612 × 4 = ?% of 12800
Q.10 √4096 + √13456 = 75 × ?
Directions (11-15): Study the information given below and answer the questions that follow:

Maths SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 02

Q.11 What is the difference between the number of men from E and C together to the number of men from B and F together?
Q.12 If the number of females from G is 36% of the total number of people from B and the ratio between the males and females of G is 11:9 then, how many males are there from G?
Q.13 Total number of males from B and D together form what percent of the total number of people from D? (approx)
Q.14 Find the ratio between the average number of men from A and F together to the average of females from B and C together?
Q.15 What is the approximate average number of males from all the companies together?
Q.16 A sum is divided between A and B in the ratio 1:2. A purchased a car from his part, which depreciates @ 14.28% per annum and B deposited his amount in the bank, which pays him 20% interest per annum compounded annually. By what percentage will the total sum of money increase after two years due to this investment pattern approximately?
Q.17 Sambhu buys rice at Rs. 10/kg and puts a price tag on it so as to earn a profit of 20%. However, his faulty balance shows 1000 gm when it is actually 800 gm. What is his actual gain percent?
Q.18 The salary of a person is increased by Rs. 4800 and the rate of tax is decreased by 2% from 12% to 10%. The effect is such that he is now paying the same tax as before. If in both the cases, the standard tax deduction is fixed at 20% of the total income, find the increased salary?
Q.19 The price of a pen and a pencil is Rs. 35. The pen was sold at a 20% profit and the pencil was sold at a 10% loss. If in the transaction, a man gains Rs. 4, how much is the cost price of the pen?
Q.20 The average age of a group of persons going for a picnic is 16.75 years. 20 new persons with an average age of 13.25 years join the group on the spot due to which the average of the group becomes 15 years. Find the number of persons initially going for the picnic.
Directions (21-25): Find the missing number in the following series:

Q.21 ?, 25, 102, 411, 1648
Q.22 12, 13, 9, 36, ?
Q.23 3, 23, ?, 48, 53
Q.24 2, ?, 462, 14322, 587202
Q.25 3, 4, 15, 80, ?
Q.26 How many five letter words (with or without meaning) can be formed such that the letters appearing in the odd positions are taken from the unrepeated letters of the word MATHEMATICS whereas the letters which occupy even places are taken from amongst the repeated letters of the same?
Q.27 There are two pipes in a tank. Pipe A is for filling the tank and pipe B is for emptying the tank. If A can fill the tank in 10 hours B can empty it in 15 hours then find how many hours will it take to completely fill a half empty tank?
Q.28 How many metres of cloth 5 m wide will be required to make a conical tent, the radius of whose base is 7 m and height is 24 m?
Directions (29-32): Refer to the data given below and answer the questions that follow:
In a school examination this year, 53% passed in Biology, 61% passed in English, 60% passed in Social Studies, 24% in Biology and English, 35% in English and Social Studies, 27% in Biology and Social Studies and 5% in none.

Q.29 Percentage of students who passed in all the subjects?
Q.30 If the number of students in the class is 200, how many passed in only one subject?
Q.31 If the number of students in the class is 300, what will be the % change in the number of passes in only two subjects, if the original number of students is 200?
Q.32 What is the ratio of the pass percentage in biology and social studies but not English in relation to the percentage of passes in social studies and English but not biology?
Q.33 If x2—4 = 0 and y2 + y –6 = 0 then;
Q.34 If 6x+ 5x - 4=0 and 2y2+7y+3=0, then;
Q.35 If the LCM of 35 and 105 = x and the HCF of 105 and 420 = y then;

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