Reasoning is all about using your brains. The questions would be new and based on varied logics. The best way to prepare for the upcoming SBI Clerk is to keep practicing all possible varieties in a specified time limit. It will not only make you comfortable with the pattern but also help you apply your logic in a better way enabling you save time. 20 minutes can be a bonus for those who trust on their capacity and can solve just a few more questions than the rest. That would give them an edge over the other candidates. To help you all do that, here we come with yet another section on reasoning. Take it on!

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Welcome to Reasoning Ability Test for SBI Prelims - Set 02

Directions (1-3): Study the following and answer the questions that follow:

Q.1 Statements:

All cubes are circles
Some circles are cardboards
All corners are circles


(i) Some corners being cardboards is a possibility.
(ii) Some Circle being corner is a possibility.
Q.2 Statements:

Some bottles are baseball
All baskets are baseball
All baskets are benches


(i) some baseballs are benches
(ii) All bottles as well as baseball being benches is a possibility
Q.3 Statements:

All bikes are bikers
No bikes is a blazer
All blazers are balloons


(i) All bikers being blazer is a possibility
(ii) Some balloons can be bikes is a possibility
Directions (4-6): Study the following and answer the questions that follow:

Q.4 Statements:

Q ≥ M > A; S > N > B; N > C; T ≥ M > S > L


(i) C < T (ii) Q = L
Q.5 Statements:

S ≥ L ≤ T ≤ M; N ≥ Q > S; L ≥ V


(i) V < S (ii) V = M
Q.6 Statements:

Q ≥ M > A; S > N > B; N > C; T ≥ M > S > L


(i) Q > B (ii) L < Q
Directions (7-9): Study the following and answer the questions that follow:

(Note- All the codes are having different number letters)

Consolidation is good                   Maqu    Fu           Laq

Banks for consolidation               Laq         Fuzu      Zu

Good for economy                       Lu           Zu           Fu

Q.7 What is the code for “Consolidation is good for banks”?
Q.8 If “Banks boost economy” is coded as “Lu Fuzu Ka”, than what will be the code for “Consolidation boost”?
Q.9 What will be the code of “is”?
Q.10 How many such pairs of letters are there in the word “Handkerchief” which has as many as letters between them in the words as in the alphabet?
Q.11 In a row of girls Narmada and Shilpa occupy the ninth place from the right end and tenth place from the left end respectively. If they interchange there places Narmada and Shilpa occupy seventeenth place from the right and eighteenth place from the left respectively. How many girls are there in the row?
Q.12 Standing on Bandra Worli sea link bridge, Rahul said that bandra is more than 3 km but less than 8 km from there. Vinod said that it is more than 6 km but less than 10 km from there. If both them are correct, how far is bandra from the bandra worli sea link?
Directions (13-15): Study the following and answer the questions that follow:

L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T are nine offices. N is 2 km east of M. l is 1 km north of M and S is 2 km south of L. r is 1 km west of S while O is 3 km east of R and Q is 2 km north of R. T is situated just middle of M and N, while P is just in middle of S and O.

Q.13 Distance between L and Q is?
Q.14 Distance between P and T is
Q.15 If Kaushik moves from point D to F via E, H and G how much distance will he have to travel?
Directions (16-20): Study the following and answer the questions that follow:

There is group of 7 persons P, Q, R, S, T, U and X. There are four males three females, two married couples and 3 unmarried persons in the group. Their professions are Broker, Principal, M.R., Economist, Accountant, Salesmen and Banker. The seven persons are seated in a row on the bench. Q is not married and another person the Economist, is the most intelligent. The Broker is married to the principal who is the least intelligent of the group S is salesman, he is seating on the left most corner, the banker is seating on the right most corner of the bench. The M.R. is married to R. R is the second most intelligent of the group followed by her husband. The least intelligent of the group is seating on the immediate right of S, followed by the most intelligent. There are as many as more intelligent persons than broker as there are less intelligent. On the bench, followed by S, there are three females seating in succession. The economist is female. The banker is more intelligent than the salesman, who is more intelligent than only one person U. neither P nor X is a female.

Q.16 Who is seating on the immediate right of S?
Q.17 Which two are seating together?
Q.18 The broker is more intelligent than?
Q.19 Which of these cannot be a married couple?
Q.20 Which of these represent the correct order of intelligent (in the decreasing sequence)?
Directions (21-25): Study the following and answer the questions that follow:

There are six persons Z, W, X, Y, U and Q in a college. Each of the teachers teaches two subject one compulsory subject and the other optional subject. Y’s optional subject was accounts while three others have it as compulsory subject. U and Q have auditing as one of their subjects. Q’s compulsory subject is a business study which is an optional subject of both X and U. Accounts and statistics are Z’s subjects but in terms of compulsory and optional subjects, they are just reverse of those of Y’s. Hindi is an optional subject of only one of them. The only female teacher in the college has statistics as her compulsory subject.

Q.21 What is X’s compulsory subject?
Q.22 Who is female member in the group?
Q.23 Which of the following has same compulsory and optional subject as those of Q’s?
Q.24 Disregarding which is the compulsory and which is the optional subject, who has the same two subject combination as Q?
Q.25 Which of the following groups has accounts as the compulsory subject?
Directions (26-30): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions:

Six friends Palash, Sanchay, Samar, Atharv, Tarun, Kishor are sitting on the ground in a hexagonal shape. All the sides of hexagon so formed are not of different length. Palash is not adjacent to Sanchay or Samar, Atharv is not adjacent to Samar or Tarun, Sanchay and Samar are adjacent, Kishor is in the middle of Atharv and Samar.

Q.26 Which of the following is not a correct neighbor pair?
Q.27 Who is at the same distance from Atharv as Tarun is from Atharv?
Q.28 Which of the following is in the right sequence?
Q.29 If one neighbor of Palash is Atharv , who is the other one?
Q.30 Who is placed opposite to Tarun?
Q.31 If it is possible to make only one meaningful word from the third, sixth, ninth and the tenth letters of the word ‘PARENTHESIS’ using each letter only once, last letter of the word is your answer. If no such word can be formed your answer is X and if more than one such word can be formed, your answer is Y.
Q.32 If in a certain code language, ‘MEDIATION’ is coded as ‘LGHPXQRLW’ then what will be the code of ‘CONTEMPLATION’ in that language?
Q.33 The following question consists of a statement followed by two arguments. Mark your answers from the options given below:


Should income tax be evaded by people?


(I) Yes, taxes are excessively high
(II) No, it is anti-national to do so
Directions (34-35): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:

The word DISINTERESTEDNESS is re-written by reversing the order of the first seven and last six letters.

Q.34 If all the vowels are removed, which letter will have one preceding and one following letter in the same order as in the English alphabet?
Q.35 Which letter will be the tenth letter towards right? (count from your left)

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