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Directions (1-10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow
Long time ago there lived a boy on a small farm in the country with his mother. His father was dead and his mother was very poor. So it was hard to get enough food from the farm to keep them. One day the mother asked the boy, ‘My dear boy! Go to the city and try to find work. We cannot live this way much longer. And when you have found a place, where you can earn something, save your money and have enough to send for me then we can live together and do better than we are doing here.”

The boy had never seen a big city. So he was glad to go. His mother mended his clothes and sewed thirty silver pieces into the lining of his coat. Besides she wrapped two breads made of maize and millet with mango pickles in a worn out piece of cloth. When the boy was likely to leave home, she asked him to remember her advice to ‘Trust God and never tell a lie’ and blessed him. The boy said farewell, and departed. Now the boy set off on his journey with tearful eyes as he was leaving his mother for an indefinite period for the first time.

Next day when he was passing through the jungles, he saw cloud dust coming ahead of him. When it approached nearer, he saw a band of robbers mounted on the horses. One of the robbers asked him, “Have you any money?” The boy replied, “Yes I have thirty silver pieces sewn into the lining of my coat.” Don’t try to outsmart me; If you had, you would have never told me that they were there,” and passed on. Last of all the chief of the robbers put up the same question and the boy gave the same answer.

The chief leapt down from his horse, cut the lump and counted the coins. They were actually thirty. The chief said, “Why did you disclose me the secret?” The boy replied, “when I left home my mother had told me to trust God and never to tell a lie. So I told you the truth.”
The chief was so much pleased that not only did he return his money but also gave a rich reward.

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English Language for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

Q.1 Why did the mother tell the boy to move away in search of work?
Q.2 Which of the following can be a suitable title for the passage?
Q.3 Why was the boy glad to go to the city?
Q.4 What can be said about the mother?
Q.5 Why did the boy depart with tearful eyes?
Q.6 Which of the following is false according to the passage?
Directions (7-8):Choose the word which is closest in meaning to the given words:

Directions (9-10):Choose the word which is farthest in meaning to the given words:

Directions (11-15): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.

Once, Draupadi, wife of the Pandavas, was sitting under a tree, enjoying the cool breeze of the evening. Suddenly, she saw a lovely flower (11) __________ by her feet. Draupadi could not resist the temptation of picking it up. She (12) __________ the flower in her hand and admired its beauty. It was the most beautiful flower she had ever sen; it had thousands of brightly coloured petals with a velvety touch. It also had a strange intoxicating fragrance. Bhima, who was standing near the tree, saw Draupadi (13) __________ the flower. With a smile on his face, he asked, “Do you know Draupadi, you are holding a very (14) __________ species of flower that grows in the forest? This is the sowgandhika flower,” he added.  Draupadi wanted some more flowers of the same kind for her long, black hair. So, she (15) ___________ Bhima to get her some more flowers.

Directions (16-20): Rearrange the following sentences (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) in a proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; and then answer the questions given below:

A) At the same time the guest should also see to the difficulties of the host
B) A guest is an important person
C) The host must be aware of his guest’s needs and comforts
D) He does not come to your house daily
E) You should see that he is properly seated and extended little courtesy like offering water

Q.16 Which of the following should come FIRST after rearrangement?
Q.17 Which of the following should come THIRD after rearrangement?
Q.18 Which of the following should come FIFTH after rearrangement?
Q.19 Which of the following should come SECOND after rearrangement?
Q.20 Which of the following should come FOURTH after rearrangement?
Directions (21-25): In each of the following sentences, four words in bold are highlighted. Find the word which is either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in usage and mark that part as the answer. If all words are correct then mark (5) ie; All Correct as the answer

Q.21 (1) They impressed him so much that/ (2) he stood their for/ (3) long time staring at/ (4) them in deep admiration/ (5) All Correct
Q.22 (1) The Labourer came back wasting/ (2) his breadth and stood before/ (3) the king like a statue/ (4) with his head bowed/ (5) All Correct
Q.23 (1) He moved on till he came across/ (2) a man dressed in a silken robe/ (3) and emroidered slippers supervising the/ (4) plantation work in an orchard/ (5) All Correct
Q.24 (1) On the way he saw a mason building/ (2) a palatial house of a rich man/ (3) with the help of a labourer who/ (4) was carying a load of bricks/ (5) All Correct
Q.25 (1) The first blind man approached/ (2)  the elephant and stretched/ (3) his hand to the animal’s/ (4) broad and sturdy side/ (5) All Correct
Directions (26-30): In each of the sentences given below, find grammatical and idiomatic errors. (Ignore errors of Punctuation if any)

Q.26 (1) Then Ganga Datt made the elephant/ (2) stand in the boat and/ (3) asked the batman to took the/ (4) boat to the middle of the river/ (5) No error
Q.27 (1) When all failed to find out a way/ (2) the king announces a/ (3) reward of ten thousand/ (4) rupees for weighing it/ (5) No error

Q.28 (1) As a matter of fact a solid/ (2) ball of butter had/ (3) formed by constantly swimming/ (4) which acted like churning/ (5) No error

Q.29 (1) Suppressing the thrill of horror/ (2) and holding his/ (3) breath he stretched his/(4) hand thorough the window/ (5) No error
Q.30 (1) As soon as the leopard enter the/ (2) cage and closed his eyes in meditation/ (3) the fox gave a hint to the man/ (4) to close the door and run away/ (5) No error

Numerical Ability for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

Directions (31-35): What approximate value should come in the place of question mark?

Q.31 (15.28 × 4.06) ÷ 3.15 = ?
Q.32 81.38  ×  81.63  = ?
Q.33 59.99% of 255.012 + 22.98% of 182.005 = ?
Q.34 1428.025 ÷ 12.005 + (?)2 = 240
Q.35 (3.5)×  19.009 +  ? = 275
Directions (36-40): The table given below shows the production of different Automobiles by a company in the years 2011-2016. Study the following table carefully to answer the questions below:SBI Prelims 2016 Mock Test

Q.36 The production of which type of which type of Automobile was 25% of the total production of all types of Automobile during 2015?
Q.37 In which year the production of Automobile of all types taken together was approximately equal to the average of the total production during the period 2011-2016?
Q.38 In which year the total production of Bike & Truck together was equal to the total production of Bus & Car?
Q.39 The percent increase in total production of all types of Automobiles in 2014 to total in 2013 was?
Q.40 During the period 2011-2016, in which type of Automobile was a continuous increase in production?
Q.41 A Battery is sold for Rs.935 at a profit of 10%. What would have been the actual profit/loss on it, if it had been sold for Rs.810?
Q.42 A Tourist Bus completes the first half at 30 km/hr & the second half at 40 km/hr. Find the total distance of the journey if the total time Bus travels is 17.5 hours.
Q.43 A road that is 7 m wide surrounds a circular jogging path whose circumference is 352 m. What will be the area of the road?
Q.44 How many numbers of four digits can be formed with the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6, if repetition of digits is not allowed?
Q.45 A sailor rows a boat 15 km upstream in 80 mins. If the speed of the stream is 5 km/hr, then what will be the speed of boat in still water?
Q.46 Madhav is twice as efficient as Rahul, and finish the task in 20 days earlier than Rahul. Find the number of days required to finish the task by Madhav.
Q.47 One third of one fourth of two fifth of a number is 15. What will be the 70% of the number?
Q.48 If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 15% & its denominator is decresed by 8%, the value of the fraction becomes 15/16. Find the original fraction.
Q.49 A water tank consists of four pipes, two inlet & two outlet. If two inlet pipes can fill the tank in 10 & 20 hours respectively while the two outlet pipes can empty the full tank in 30 & 25 hours respectively. In how much time (approximately) will the tank be full if all the pipes are opened simultaneously?
Q.50 Find the probability that in a random arrangement of the letters of the word DYNAMITE, the letter   ’D’ occupies the first place.
Q.51 What is the average of first five multiples of 3?
Q.52 After how many years will a sum of Rs.12,500 become Rs.17,500 at the rate of 10% per annum?
Q.53 A mixture contains Kerosene & Spirit in the ratio 5:1. On adding 5 litres of Spirit, the ratio of Kerosene to Spirit becomes 5:2. Find the quantity of Kerosene in the mixture.
Q.54 Veerbhadra and Subramaniam entered into a partnership investing Rs. 50000 & Rs. 40000, respectively. They agree to share profits in the ratio of their capitals. Find the share of Veerbhadra in a profit of Rs.22,500 after one year.
Q.55 The ratio of the ages of Rohan & Reham is 9:10 respectively. Ten years ago the ratio of their ages was 4:5 respectively. What will be the age of Reham after ten years?
Directions (56-60):  Find the missing term in the series

6    ?    9   26   103   514
Q.57 25   22.9   27.1   ?   29.2   18.7
Q.58 121   60.5   ?   90.75   181.5
Q.59 2880   480   ?   24   8   4
Q.60 14   18   34   70   134   ?
Directions (61-65):What value should come in the place of Question Mark (?) in the following questions;

Q.61 84.2 ×  642.1  ×  78.4  × 56 3.5 = 56?
Q.62 (0.08% of 363 + 0.6% of 241) × 500 = ?
Q.63 (31% of 260) × ? = 12896
Q.64 21483 - 357 ÷ 17 – 2× 84 =  ?
Q.65 (1234 + 4321) – (4321-1234) =?

Reasoning Ability for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016

Directions (Q66- 70): In each group of questions below is statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. Follow the statement and mark the answer.

Q.66 Statement- L ≥ M > Q,            L = I,       I ≤ O
Conclusions-      (I) O ≥ L                (II) Q ≤ O
Q.67 Statement-         A > B ≤ C,             C = F,     B > D
Conclusions-      (I) D < A                (II) D < C
Q.68 Statement-         E = F,     F ≥ L,      L < R,     R ≥ M
Conclusion-        (I) E ≥ R (II) E ≤ R
Q.69 Statement-         Z ≤ Y,     X < W,   W < Z, Z ≤ U
Conclusions-      (I) U > X                (II) U ≥ Y
Q.70 Statement-         C ≤ D,    C > V,    V ≥ B,    C ≥ E,     E ≥ F
Conclusion-        (I) D ≥ F                (II) V < D
Directions- (Q71- 75) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions below.

1 A B C 4 @ E 6 D M I 9 * H © L N O # U W X 8 R Q

Q.71 How many Such Symbols are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediately preceded by number and also immediately followed by a consonant?

Q.72 Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which of the following that does not belong to the group?

Q.73 How such vowels are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediately followed by a number and preceded by a symbol?
Q.74 Which of the following is the ninth to the right to the twentieth from the right end of the above arrangement?
Q.75 Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which of the following that does not belong to the group?
Q.76 How many pairs of letters are there in the word ‘ENCYCLOPEDIA’ which has as many as letters between them in the words as in the alphabet?
Directions-(Q.77-81) Following questions are based on the five numbers given below.

861         753         634         329         296

Q.77 If the positions of the first and the third digits in each of the above numbers are interchanged, which of the following will be the second highest number?

Q.78 If one is subtracted from the first number and two is added to the last number than which of the following will be the lowest number?
Q.79 If all the digits of each numbers are added than how many prime numbers we will get?
Q.80 If the positions in the digits in each numbers are reversed than which number will be the highest number?
Q.81 What is the average of the largest and the smallest numbers given above?
Directions-(Q82-86) Read the following information carefully and answer the following questions.

In a certain code language ‘practice makes perfect’ means ‘ta ma la’, ‘perfect practice makes’ means ‘ma la ta’, ‘perfect people succeed’ means ‘ch ta sa’, ‘succeed makes good person’ means ‘la ch tic pit.

Q.82 What is the code for ‘practice’?
Q.83 ‘La’ is the code for which word?
Q.84 What is the code for ‘good’?
Q.85 How is ‘perfect people succeed’ be coded as?
Q.86 ‘Practice makes man perfect’ will be coded as?
Directions-(Q87-91) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

Six lectures Marketing, Accounts, Maths, Economics, Statistics and computer are to be delivered from Monday to Sunday, one lecture every day.

Statistics is delivered on Wednesday and it is not immediately followed by computer. There is one holiday except Saturday. Computer is delivered on the next day of holiday. There should be gap of two days between the Accounts lecture and computer. Marketing is delivered immediately after Economics. Maths cannot be delivered on Friday.

Q.87 On which day was Economics delivered?
Q.88 On which day was holiday?
Q.89 How many lectures were delivered between Computers and Economics?
Q.90 Which of the following was the last lecture?
Q.91 Which lecture is delivered before the holiday?
Directions-(Q92-96) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

Eight friends Ashwini, Nishant, Ruchi, Varun, Yash, Shweta, Shubham and Ankit are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. Ruchi is third to the right of Shubham and second to left of Yash, Ashwini and Nishant are not neighbours of Yash. Nishant is third to right of Ankit. Shweta is between Yash and Ankit.

Q.92 Which of the following is the correct position of Ruchi with respect to Ankit position?
Q.93 Which of the following pairs has the first person to the immediate left of the second person?
Q.94 Who is to immediate right of Shubham?
Q.95 Which of the following is the correct position of Varun?
Q.96 Who is the second to the right of Shweta?
Q.97 If in a certain code language ‘MOBILE’ is coded as ‘PLEFOB’ than how will ‘REMOTE’ be coded as?
Q.98 Gaurav at the time of sunrise started walking towards north after walking 5 km he takes right turn, he then walks 6 km. Again he had taken left turn and walked 4 km before stopping he takes a right turn and walks 6 km. What minimum distance will he cover to come back?
Q.99 If the numbers 7823569 are arranged in ascending order then the place of how many numbers will remain unchanged?
Q.100 If in a certain code language “CHAIR’ is coded as ‘XXRIAHC’ and ‘BIKE’ is coded as ‘YYEKIB’ then how will ‘MOBILE be coded as?

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