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We have been experimenting with the variety of questions that can be asked in the SBI Clerk Prelims as we want you all to be completely confident whatever the change in pattern may be. We bring to you another section on English language to be solved in 20 minutes so that you solve the same and analyze your performance thereafter. In English, nothing else but analysis and discussion is what matters. Only attempting the questions may not be of complete use. To help you do that, we make sure that we only provide the answer key and not the explanations because that way the soul of discussion is lost. We want you all to discuss the questions with your friends, try hard to Google concepts and words, , ask your teachers and share it with your peer group. Issues if any, can be reached out through our Facebook and WhatsApp groups or even in the comment section below our posts. We look forward to hearing from you. This would be a great prep! We at BankWaleBabu wish you all great luck!!

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Welcome to English Language Test for SBI Prelims - Set 03

Directions (1-5): The following sentences of a paragraph have been jumbled. Rearrange the following in a coherent paragraph and answer the questions that follow:

(A) Sport has the power to provide a universal framework for learning values, thus contributing to the development of soft skills needed for responsible citizenship.
(B) Sport can teach values such as fairness, teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect.
(C) The practice of sport is a recognized instrument for promoting peace, as it disregards both geographical borders and social classes.
(D) In its efforts to use sport as a catalyst for peace and social development, UNESCO has supported several initiatives in the past years
(E) Sport is a powerful tool to strengthen social ties and networks, and to promote ideals of peace, fraternity, solidarity, non-violence, tolerance and justice.
(F) Tackling problems in post conflict situations can be eased as sport has the ability to bring people together.
(G) In its efforts to use sport as a catalyst for peace and social development, UNESCO has supported several initiatives in the past years
(H) It also plays a significant role as a promoter of social integration and economic development in different geographical, cultural and political contexts.

Q.1 Which of the following will be the fourth sentence after rearrangement?
Q.2 Which of the following would be the second after rearrangement?
Q.3 Which sentence would be the last in the above sequence?
Q.4 Which of the following would start the paragraph?
Q.5 Which of the following would come sixth after rearrangement?
Directions (6-20): Each of the given sentences has been divided into five parts A, B, C, D and E. One part out of these five has an error in it. The group formed by the parts that are grammatically correct is your answer.

Q.6 If you are thinking(a)/ of getting a dog(b)/ be warned-they(c)/ take a lots of(d)/ time and money(e)
Q.7 I did not see(a)/ the point of(b) /hang around waiting(c) /for him so(d) /I went home(e)
Q.8 Monkeys do not(a) /have any kind of(b)/ protective armour (c)/use their brains(d)/ to solve problems(e)
Q.9 Teachers must be put(a)/ the brakes on (b)/as it were(c)/ when they notice(d) /students looking puzzled(e)
Q.10 They had to keep(a) /check the strength(b)/ of the seat attachments(c)/ to the floor(d)/ of the plane(e)
Q.11 How can you(a)/ stand by and(b)/ see him accused(c)/ of something (d)/ did not do?(e)
Q.12 The government has said (a)/it wants to create a stakeholder(b)/ economy in which all members(c)/ of society felt that they(d)/ have an interest in its success(e)
Q.13. Charm is a quality(a)/ that a person or thing(b)/ has that makes them(c)/ attractive that they have a(d)/ strong influence on you(e)
Q.14 Her refusal of(a)/ attend the dinner(b)/ is being seen as(c)/a deliberate snub(d) /to the president(e)
Q.15 If I may be(a)/ so bold as to(b)/ suggest that he(c)/ made a mistake(d)/ in his calculations(e)
Q.16 You can argue(a)/ till you are blue(b)/ in the face but(c)/ you did not(d)/ change my mind(e)
Q.17 The profits(a) /growth came(b) /on the back of(c) /a 26 per cent(d) /rises in sales(e)
Q.18 People say that(a)/ they came off the(b)/ back of the lorry (c)/ avoid saying where(d) /they really came from(e)
Q.19 The city had (a)/to be rebuild the bridge(b) /completely because it(c)/ was about to give(d)/ out and fall down(e)
Q.20 When my friend(a)/moved to a differential(b)/ country I tried to stay close(c)/with her but we(d)/ slowly grew apart(e)
Directions (21-25): A paragraph has been given below. Few words or phrases are missing from the paragraph. Check grammar and usage to complete the paragraph given below:

The very first ___(21)___ for the unemployment is to control the rising population of our country. Government should motivate people to have small families. Indian government has started initiatives to ___(22)___ the population but still the population is rising. The quality of Indian education should be improved. The current education system is not upto the level. Government should keep a strict watch on the education system and try to implement new ways to generate skilled labour force. Government should select a committee to look after the schools and universities. The syllabus taught is of no use to the industries so the education should be as per the current requirements of the industries. Before completing the education a ___(23)___ knowledge should be given. Also today’s youth should join the institute or select the course where proper training is given and the course is as per the current industries requirements. Take the course as per your interest and which will bright your future. Government should ___(24)___ and develop the agriculture based industries in rural areas so that the rural candidates don’t migrate to the urban areas. More employment should be generated in rural areas for the seasonal unemployment people. Rapid Industrialization should be created. Development of the rural areas will stop the migration of the rural people to the urban cities and this will not put more pressure on the urban city jobs. Government should allow more ___(25)___ companies to open their unit in India, so that more employment opportunities will be available.

Directions (26-30): Study the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

Two modes of argumentation have been used on behalf of women’s emancipation in Western societies. Arguments in what could be called the “relational” feminist tradition maintain the doctrine of “equality in difference,” or equity as distinct from equality. They posit that biological distinctions between the sexes result in a necessary sexual division of labor in the family and throughout society and that women’s procreative labor is currently undervalued by society, to the disadvantage of women. By contrast, the individualist feminist tradition emphasizes individual human rights and celebrates women’s quest for personal autonomy, while downplaying the importance of gender roles and minimizing discussion of childbearing and its attendant responsibilities.

Before the late nineteenth century, these views coexisted within the feminist movement, often within the writings of the same individual. Between 1890 and 1920, however, relational feminism, which had been the dominant strain in feminist thought, and which still predominates among European and non-Western feminists, lost ground in England and the United States. Because the concept of individual rights was already well established in the Anglo-Saxon legal and political tradition, individualist feminism came to predominate in English-speaking countries. At the same time, the goals of the two approaches began to seem increasingly irreconcilable.

Individualist feminists began to advocate a totally gender-blind system with equal rights for all. Relational feminists, while agreeing that equal educational and economic opportunities outside the home should be available for all women, continued to emphasize women’s special contributions to society as homemakers and mothers; they demanded special treatment for women, including protective legislation for women workers, state-sponsored maternity benefits, and paid compensation for housework. Relational arguments have a major pitfall: because they underline women’s physiological and psychological distinctiveness, they are often appropriated by political adversaries and used to endorse male privilege. But the individualist approach, by attacking gender roles, denying the significance of physiological difference, and condemning existing familial institutions as hopelessly patriarchal, has often simply treated as irrelevant the family roles important to many women. If the individualist framework, with its claim for women’s autonomy, could be harmonized with the family-oriented concerns of relational feminists, a more fruitful model for contemporary feminist politics could emerge.

Q.26 Which of the following would replace the word ‘irreconcilable’ as used in the passage?
Q.27 As per the passage, relational feminists and individualist feminists agree that
Q.28 Which of the following was true of feminist thought in Western societies before 1890?
Q.29 Which of the following can is not same in meaning to the word ‘pitfall’ as used in the passage?
Q.30 The author implies that which of the following was true of most feminist thinkers in England and the United States after 1920?

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