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We can see that February is already about to wind itself up. As we are gradually nearing the exam, it becomes our duty to analyze our performance critically. We have been practicing different patterns and varieties of questions but, what makes sense now is the identification of the problem areas and working on improving those. Once we are aware of what is going wrong, we can work on the same, take help, discuss and improve our attempts. This year SBI has decided to select students on a merit basis and that directly means that one would need to attempt as many questions possible to gain the maximum possible marks with accuracy. Only depending on two sections won’t be enough. Specifically speaking about the most ignored section of all ie; English, we must now understand that if we are able to attempt a few more questions than the others we would be easily able to delve into the zone where most students do not even enter. If we can learn to attempt Reading Comprehension passage with accuracy, nothing can be better than that. So, try to take our sectional tests, analyze your mistakes and keep discussing your doubts with us. We would love to share your experiences through our various social media channels.

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Welcome to English Language Test for SBI Prelims - Set 04

Directions (1-10): In the questions given below, choose the option that best completes the sentence. Check grammar and usage that fits well in the given context

Q.1 Amongst all countries of the world India is ranked the fourth most dangerous country for women and among the G20 countries India ________________for women
Q.2 Discover the essence of your own self and build upon it. You must be a first grade version of yourself _________second grade version of somebody else
Q.3 A mature leafy tree produces as ______________as ten people inhale in a year
Q.4 When children are encouraged to express themselves and _______________art they develop a sense of innovation that will help produce the kind of people that society needs to take it forward
Q.5 Family is the basic unit of society and________________ and central to all development in the country
Q.6 In every situation ____________ there is either a right way or a wrong way to proceed
Q.7 Politicians are learning _______________ online medium which acts as an ‘accelerator’ in conveying their messages to the public
Q.8 The gift _________________ you to enjoy and share. So give yourself away and maximize your life
Q.9 Our aspirations ____________ fulfilled each time but our experience of aspiring always and certainly transforms us
Q.10 This is because you always ______________ will, and therefore, the freedom to choose your reactions
Directions (11-15): In each of the questions given below, four different ways of framing a sentence have been given. Find the option that contains the sentences that are correct and appropriate as per the usage


A. His lung cancer was brought on by years of smoking
B. His lung cancer brought on by years of smoking
C. His lung cancer was brought by years of smoking on
D. His lung cancer was brought by years of smoking

A. I’ll call you this evening on to see how you’re feeling
B. I’ll call on you this evening to see how you’re feeling
C. I’ll call you this evening to see how you’re feeling on
D. I’ll call you on this evening to see how you’re feeling

A. I can give you a ride and drop off at work
B. I can give you a drop and ride you off at work
C. I can give you a ride and drop off you at work
D. I can give you a ride and drop you off at work

A. Some people are surprised that I get along my mother-in-law really well
B. Some people are surprised that I get with my mother-in-law really well
C. Some people are surprised that I along with my mother-in-law get really well
D. Some people are surprised that I get along with my mother-in-law really well

A. Ben’s mother gave in and let him stay out late with his friends.
B. Ben’s mother give up and let him stay out late with his friends.
C. Ben’s mother gave and let him in to stay out late with his friends.
D. Ben’s mother given in and let him stay out late with his friends.
Directions (16-24): Study the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

In last few years, the Indian banking sector has realised the need of digital technologies and is rapidly moving to embrace digital banking. They are making significant investment in creating digital infrastructure in order to offer various solutions like mobile banking, e-wallets and virtual cards, etc. The key innovations in Digital banking are Digital-only/Virtual Banking, Biometric Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and Robotics to mention few. Digital-only bank provides end-to-end services through digital platforms like mobile, tablets and internet. It is paperless, branchless and signature-less banking offering 24*7 services to its customers. In India, the digital-only banking is based on Aadhaar infrastructure. The digital-only banks offer various services like account opening, term deposits, loans as well as financial products like insurance and mutual fund. While digital banking is simple and cost effective, there are still security risks. The pace of growth in digital-only banks will depend on their ability to address security concerns.

Innovations like Biometric technology allows the person to be identified uniquely by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits like face, hand, retina, voice and ear features. The use of biometric authentication can eliminate the requirement of multiple passwords and PIN codes. The Indian banking sector is also gradually adopting biometric authentication to provide simple and secure banking experience to its customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide quick and personalized services by dealing with each customer and focusing on their specific requirements. It can be used to collect information, automatically build models based on that information, inference and communicate in natural way. In India, only large banks are currently seeking to introduce AI in their services. The key components of AI are machine learning, computer vision, natural language progression and natural language generation. Indian banks are likely to use AI like machine learning to re-engineer back office processes.

Another popular innovation is Robotics. It is a technology that mimics the actions of human performing simple rule-based processes. The use of robotics in the Indian banking sector though not yet widespread, is expected to gain ground in the coming years. Robotics is expected to automate processes which are repetitive, rule based and require less human judgement. Also, being scalable and cost effective, it could help automate processes with high transaction volumes. Presently, some Indian banks have started deploying robots to answer customer queries related to banking transactions, demat account, locker facility, fixed deposit, loan, etc.

Apart from humanoid robots providing customer service, software robots are also getting deployed in functions such as retail banking operations, agri-business, trade & forex, treasury and human resource management to name a few. Globally, banks are seeking to use block chain technology (BCT) for operations such as money transfer, record keeping and other back-end functions. Block chain technology can be used in banking activities like secure document management, reporting, payments, treasury & securities and trade finance. Banking industry can benefit from block chain technology as it helps in fraud prevention, increasing the resilience of the bank's IT infrastructure and also increases transparency of processes.

Apart from these technologies, there are many other technologies which Indian banks could harness in future. Banks can use google glass technology to locate the nearest bank branch/ ATM, check account balances and use video conferencing for technical support. Augmented Reality (AR) app is integration of digital information with the user's environment in the real world. In India, AR mobile app has been launched by a bank which lists all dining destinations, property lists, and shopping centres, bank ATMs, branches etc with real life pictures along with distance and directions. Installing Bluetooth beacons at bank branches could allow banks to integrate physical and mobile channels to provide effective communication. Although the adoption of beacon technology by Indian banks is very less, it is expected to increase going forward with many Indian companies engaging in beacon technology and growing smart phone users. Indian banks are yet to experience extensive adoption of many technologies, however, significant investments and developing dedicated teams to test these technologies is a positive sign.

Q.16 Which of the following can be a suitable title for the passage?
Q.17 Which of the following services is/are not being offered by the digital-only banks?
Q.18 Which word is most nearly the same in meaning as ‘resilience’ as used in the passage?
Q.19 Which of the following would be an exact antonym to extensive as used in the passage?
Q.20 What would be the possible uses of the Blockchain Technology (BCT) in the coming days in the banking sector?
Q.21 On what factors would the growth of the digital-only banks depend?
Q.22 What does the author imply by using the word embrace in the first paragraph?
Q.23 What can replace the word seeking as used in the passage above?
Q.24 What would be the result of the introduction of the beacon technology in the Indian banking sector?
Directions (25-30): In the questions given below, the sentences of a paragraph have been jumbled. Rearrange the following into a meaningful and correct order and answer the questions that follow:

(A) Here, we project global demand for crop production in 2050 and evaluate the environmental impacts of alternative ways that this demand might be met.

(B) We find that per capita demand for crops, when measured as caloric or protein content of all crops combined, has been a similarly increasing function of per capita real income since 1960.

(C) Quantitative assessments show that the environmental impacts of meeting this demand depend on how global agriculture expands.

(D) Global food demand is increasing rapidly, as are the environmental impacts of agricultural expansion.

(E) If current trends of greater agricultural intensification in richer nations and greater land clearing poorer nations were to continue.

(F) This relationship forecasts a 100–110% increase in global crop demand from 2005 to 2050.

Q.25 Which of the following sentences would complete the paragraph given above?
Q.26 Which of the following would come second in the sequence?
Q.27 Which sentence would start the paragraph given above?
Q.28 Which of the following sentences would come fifth in the sequence?
Q.29 Which sentence would come fourth?
Q.30 Which of the above statements would come third in the sequence?

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