Basic Concepts covering Questions asked in Bank Exams

Basic Maths Average

Questions on Averages often clubbed with Ages are very commonly found in all the Bank Exams; be it Prelims or Mains. Average, being an easy topic is preferred by most of the students as there are very few basics to keep in mind while solving the questions and they take little time to solve if understood properly.

Only that; sometimes they twist the language and make it lengthy and calculative for the students to make mistakes and waste more time than needed on the question.

Let’s look at the Basic Concepts through Questions. Practice Questions on the same can be found in the coming posts!

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Concept 1:

Basic Maths Average
Basic Maths Average

Concept 2: (Time and Distance)

Basic Maths Average

Concept 3: (Ages)

Basic Maths Average

Concept 4:Basic Maths Average

Now when you’ve learned the concept, it’s time to get your hands on some practice questions. Test your problem solving skills now!

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