This set on DI has also been prepared keeping in mind the type of questions asked in all the bank exams (Prelims). The questions are based on simple data generally and at least 3 out of 5 questions are very easy to solve. Only that the language of the questions is twisted a little to create discomfort for the students as many do not pay proper attention to the directions and don’t bother to read the question with concentration. They simply scan a little and start solving. Our aim behind providing these DI sets on a daily basis is that the students get acquainted with the language used in the questions and hence are able to solve the same with little or no difficulty.

Good Luck! Happy Solving 🙂

1. Question 1

1. In state A, if 10% of the total voters do not vote and 2% of the total votes are considered as invalid votes, then how many of the remaining votes did Congress get?

1) 75.5 lakh
2) 72.9 lakh
3) 71.8 lakh
4) 72.6 lakh
5) None of these

2. Question 2

2. The number of votes gained by BSP in state C is approximately how much percent less than the votes gained by the same in state B? (assume that all the voters went to vote)

1) 53%
2) 46%
3) 48%
4) 49%
5) 57%

3. Question 3

3. The total number of votes gained by SP in all the states is?

1) 222 lakh
2) 250 lakh
3) 227 lakh
4) 405 lakh
5) None of these

4. Question 4

4. In which of the following states is the difference between the number of votes gained by BSP and BJP maximum?

1) A
2) B
3) A&B
4) B&C
5) C

5. Question 5

5. What is the ratio of the number of votes gained by others in state A to that in state C?

1) 25:23
2) 52:55
3) 55:53
4) 55:52
5) 22:25

6. Question 6

6. What percent does the student spend in school in comparison to sleeping?MATHS DI IBPS RRB PO CLERK

7. Question 7

7. What is the difference between the time he spent in games and in others?

1) 3 hours 20 minutes
2) 3 hours 33 minutes
3) 3 hours
4) 3 hours 5 minutes
5) None of these

8. Question 8

8. The percentage of time that he spends on homework is?MATHS DI IBPS RRB PO CLERK

9. Question 9

9. If he spends the time in school equal to the time he does in sleeping and remains constant in other activities, then percentage decrease in time of games is?MATHS DI IBPS RRB PO CLERK

10. Question 10

10. If he spends 1/4th time of homework in Physics, then the number of hours he spends in rest of the subjects is?

1) 3
2) 4
3) 1
4) 6
5) 2

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