In the previous article we discussed the ways in which the basic concepts can be applied to solve the questions. We post here the first few questions for practice after the basic concepts! Detailed solutions if needed would be posted. You can post your queries in the comments section.

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1. Alex bought oranges at Rs 10/dozen & sells them at Rs 12 for every 10 oranges. Find the overall gain/loss percentage?

a) 44% loss
b) 56% profit
c) 44% profit
d) 56% loss
e) No profit No loss

2. A broker sold 2 flats for Rs. 6, 75,958 each. One he gains 18% while on other he losses 18%.How much does he gain or lose in the whole transaction?

a) 2.56% profit
b) 3.24% profit
c) 4.46% loss
d) 3.24% loss
e) 2.56% loss

3. Ryan purchased a scooter for Rs 54,000. He sold it at a loss of 8%.With that money he again purchased a bike & sold it at a profit of 10%.What is his overall profit/loss?

a) Loss Rs 648
b) Profit Rs 567
c) Profit Rs 648
d) Loss Rs 657
e) Profit Rs 657

4. A seller marked the price of his articles so as to earn a profit of 30% on the CP. He then sold the articles by offering a discount of 10% on the MP. What is the actual %profit earned in the deal?

a) 17%
b) 18%
c) 15%
d) 16%
e) 19%

5. A shopkeeper charges his customers 18% more than the CP. If a customer paid Rs 14,000 for a Fan,what is the CP of the Fan?

a) Rs 1286.64
b) Rs 1086.84
c) Rs 1186.44
d) Rs 1286.44
e) Rs 1186.64

6. The profit earned after selling a chair for Rs. 996 is same as the loss incurred after selling the same chair for Rs 894. What is the CP of the chair?

a) Rs 955
b) Rs 905
c) Rs 975
d) Rs 945
e) Rs 925

7. Bruce sold a Laptop to Steve at 20% gain & Steve sold it to Alan at 30% gain. If Alan paid Rs 20,500 for the Laptop. What amount did Bruce pay for the same approx.?

a) Rs 12141
b) Rs 12181
c) Rs 13151
d) Rs 12161
e) Rs 13141

8. James purchased a TV set for Rs 10,250 after getting discount of 10% on the marked price.He spent Rs 250 on its accessories & Rs 600 on installation. At what price (Approx) should it be sold so that the profit earned woul be 15% if no discount was offered?

a) Rs 14097
b) Rs 14071
c) Rs 14079
d) Rs 14117
e) Rs 14074

9. Kim sold an article for Rs 15,000.Had she offered a discount of 10% on the SP,he would have earned a profit of 8%.What is the CP?

a) Rs 12500
b) Rs 13500
c) Rs 12250
d) Rs 13250
e) Rs 12275

10. There would be 8% loss if Wheat is sold at Rs 6.40/kg.At what price per kg should it be sold to earn a profit of 20%?

a) Rs 7.34
b) Rs 9.43
c) Rs 9.34
d) Rs 8.34
e) Rs 7.82

Answer Key: 1. C, 2. D, 3. C, 4. A, 5. C, 6. D, 7. E, 8. E, 9. A, 10. D

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