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Time and Distance is one topic that seems to appear lengthy and yes, it is lengthy but; the real question is, “Is it necessary to know this inside out?” The answer to this question is “NO”

There is a certain variety of questions that is asked in the exams. Even if a student knows how to solve a particular type of questions, that would be enough.

In the following post we bring to you the basic varieties that can directly be asked in various IBPS and SBI Prelims and Mains exams.

NOTE: Pay attention to how you can use the difference of time in getting to the point! (Would discuss this point in detail with examples in the coming posts)

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Concept 1:

Time and Distance Practice Questions
Time and Distance Bank Exams

Concept 2:

Time and Distance 3

Time and Distance


Concept 3: (Relative Speed)

Time and Distance 5

Time and Distance


Concept 4: (Boats & Streams)

Remember this for Boats & Streams Questions;

  • If the speed of a boat in still water is p km/hr & the speed of the stream is q km/hr, then:

Speed Downstream = (p+q) km/hr

Speed Upstream = (p-q) km/hr

  • If the speed downstream is a km/hr & the speed upstream is b km/hr. Then:

Speed in Still water = ½ (a+b) km/hr

Rate of stream = ½ (a-b) km/hr

Time and Distance

Time and Distance



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