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Descriptive (Typing) Test – 1


It is a 30 minute test which tests a candidate on his/her writing skills. It carries 50 marks and plays a vital role in the selection or rejection of a candidate.



We at BankWaleBabu have created a Unique Test Series for you to practice and learn the art of eloquence! Nowhere else would you get such Quality, Sincerity and Expertise!

  1. You get a personalized report of your performance in your mailbox
  2. Your answers would be checked by the SBI PO selects themselves (who else can do it better for you!)
  3. You get to write in a real time SBI format before your actual exam (immunity to nervousness and possible first time mistakes)
  4. You get ideal essays and letters on recent topics after every test by our team of experts to help you write better
  5. You practice, you grow
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