As we all know that the pattern of IBPS PO Prelims kept changing in every slot although there were no major changes. We bring to you questions based on grammatical usage from the English language section as asked in the first slot of the 2nd day of the exam ie; 8th October 2017 (Sunday). This was again something different from what had been asked on Day 1. The best thing is to keep your basics in grammar right and keep up a good habit of reading as well. This would suffice for getting a decent score in the exams.

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Welcome to English Usage (Fill in the blanks) - Time-bound Quiz

1. After Lehman Brothers failed in 2008, other investment banks became commercial banks which allowed ___________________ government bailout funds.
2. Without banks as a go-between, savers and borrowers would have to find each other personally, and a single transaction between a saver and a borrower ­­­­__________________________.
3. Interest income is used to cover the costs involved in keeping interest-rate risk under control, to cover losses on loans that are not repaid or not repaid in full, and ____________________, such as wages.
4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in May after his party won a rare majority in Parliament _______________________ government and bigger growth.
5. The World Bank ________ that a few smaller economies—Bhutan, Mozambique and Myanmar for example –will experience larger growth in 2017 but India’s 7.0% expansion will be the fastest among the world’s 50 largest economies
6. Next month, when finance ministers and central bank governors from more than 180 countries gather in Washington DC for the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, ________________ a global economic order under increasing strain
7. These institutions were designed to crystallise member countries’ obligations, and they embodied a set of best economic-policy practices _______________ what became known as the “Washington consensus.”
8. The global leaders are _______________ downside risks such as a rise in protectionism, policy uncertainty, or possible financial market turbulence could derail this fragile recovery.
9. Governance structures, including voting power, correspond better to the economic realities of _____________ those of today and tomorrow
10. This year is likely to be no different. ______________ discussing concrete steps to slow and reverse the march toward a global economic non-order, officials will probably welcome the cyclical uptick in global growth and urge member countries to do more to remove structural impediments to faster, more durable, and more inclusive growth.

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