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1. A Mobile ATM covers a distance of 304 km at the speed of 38 km/hr from a city to village. What is the speed of a villager travelling a distance of 160 km more than the Mobile ATM in the same time from his village to the city on a motorcycle?
2. Find out the relation between ‘x’ & ‘y’ in the following equations;

20x2– 67x + 56 = 0

56y2– 67y + 20=0
3. Of the three friends; Varun, Jyoti & Swati the ratio of present ages of Varun & Jyoti is 7 : 9 and present age of Swati is equal to the average ages of Varun & Jyoti after 2 years. If the ratio of present age of Swati & Jyoti after four years is 6 : 7 then what will be the ratio of age of Varun after four years to that of present age of Swati?
4. Find out relation between ‘x’ & ‘y’ in the following equations;

2x -13 √x + 21=0

2y -15 √y +28= 0
5. From a flask full of kerosene 7 litres are drawn then filled with water. This operation is performed 2 more times. The ratio of quantity of kerosene now left in the beaker to that of water is 27:37. How much kersoene did the flask hold in original?
6. Find the wrong number in the series:

1  7  5  15  9  23  14
7. In the 2nd quarter the profit earned by a Bank is to be distributed among the Officers and Clerks in the ratio of 7 : 5. If the number of Officers and Clerks is in the ratio of 7 : 12 the amount recieved by each Clerk is 30,000 what was the total profit earned if the number of Officers was 28?
8. The circumference of Sampiege garden is 792 metre. Outside the garden, a Jogging street of 10.5m width runs around it. What will be the cost of gravelling the street if rate is Rs.6 per square metre?
9. What will come in the place of ‘?’ in the following number series?

72  37  40  65  137   ?
10. A seller purchased 80 kg of grains at the rate of 15 per kg. He sold 30 kg at a profit of 10%. At what rate/kg should he sell the remaining grains to get a profit of 15% on the whole deal?

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