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It’s great to keep checking your speed quite often even when we feel we are comfortable with a particular variety of questions. What matters actually is not that you know how to solve a particular variety but, in how much time you could solve it. Because even knowing or being good at a particular variety does not ensure that one would be able to solve the same in the prescribed time limit. These questions form a base for us to check ourselves and prepare for the upcoming exams accordingly.

Solve, Speed up, and succeed!

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Directions (1-3): Read the following information carefully and answers the following questions.

M is the brother of Q. Q is the daughter of K. R is the wife of M. G is the father M, who is the only son of G and F is the daughter of M.

Q.1 How is K related to F?
Q.2 How is G related to R?
Q.3 How is F related to Q?
Direction (4-7): Read the following information carefully and answers the following questions.

There are 6 books A, B, C, D, E, and F placed according to their size. D is thicker than A and F. C is thicker than only E.  D is not the thickest. The second thickest book is of 11 cm and the second thinnest is of 5 cm. The sizes of the books are in whole number.

Q.4 Which book is the thickest?
Q.5 If C+A is 12 than what will be the size of D+A?
Q.6 What can be the size of B?
Q.7 If the size of F is 6 cm than what will be the size of A?
Direction (8-10): In each of the questions/set of questions below is given statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. Give answer

(a) If only conclusion I follows.

(b) If only conclusion II follows.

(c) If either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.

(d) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.

(e) If both conclusions I and II follow.

Q.8 Statement: P > O ≤ U ≤ R; O ≥ F > C; F ≤ L < Y

Conclusion:         (i) F < P                 (ii) C < U
Q.9 Statement: B ≥ U > L > K; L ≥ M = S

Conclusion:         (i) B > S                 (ii) M < K
Q.10 Statement: F > A ≥ M ≤ E; M ≥ O > R; M ≤ I ≤ T

Conclusion:         (i) A > O                                (ii) A = O

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